Rare Photos Of Exotic Minority Ethnic Groups In The 1930s

The Kukuruku's youth performed mature ceremonies, the obsessed face of the Tribeeman's leader ... a strange photo of ethnic minorities was introduced in the 'Museum of Human Secrets', Published in the US in 1935. A minority male male in the forest of Amazon hunted with his spear

. The spear has a metal nose, perhaps a spanish relivator for centuries ago, because the residential community here is not known how to practice Kim. Kukuruku, Papua New Papua Guinea performs mature rituals with costumes and masks decorated with brass decoration. The Beajs Nile Fisheries in Sudan has an impressive impression with strange bunk hair
Mother of the Gilyaks - a lack of people Number of residence in Sakhakin Island and Amur Region in East Siberia - hugging his little child in hand. A native leader of the NgomBe ethnicity in publicity showing his position through the scars created intentionally on Face. A local witch in Benin performs magic dances with a sophisticated artificial costumes to catch attention with the gods Linh.Hai Papua Mew Guinea wearing a mask is decorated with feathers Eyes. Women's Women's Tribe Kavirondo, Kenya, take on the role of hunting in the community. They have just lowered a 2-ton hippo, Zomba, Malawi, to hold the war on the hand. Readers watching videos: Egypt has detected ancient treasures with more than 100 mummy coffins 2,500 years | Vtv24.t.b (according to vintag)

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