Rare Syndrome Made A 16-year-old Girl Turned Into An Old Man

Raizel Callago, lived in the Philippines, was only 16 years old, but almost no one realized it if he just looked at her appearance. Raizel has a rare syndrome that makes her look more than 4 times older than 9 years: 00/2: 49 Nouraizel Callago has been a beautiful flower and the current photo. Photo: Gmatheo Oddity Central (England), Raizel Callago was a young, beautiful and full of life, even if she was confident to attend beauty contests. But in just 2 years, she became a woman who had an elderly appearance that many people mistakenly thought she was over 60 years old. Filipino young girl said she began to see wrinkles on the skin just a few days later When rashes throughout the body

. Her body appeared red patches, itching, hurting when touched. Raizel went to the hospital to check, but the doctor said the cause may be caused by insects. She is given medicine to treat but the situation does not relieve
She began to notice changes in both physical and appearance. Gradually, she became older than the age. Now, no one believes that Raizel is 16 years old. Joela, 36, Razel's mother shared: "It's painful when the people around told me that my daughter looks older than me. Sometimes, I think the baby is older but how beautiful it looks like. Beautiful Raizel since I was a child, but now, her face is far away from the beauty from previous years. "Since the appearance looked, the 16-year-old girl also became inferior . Raizel feels embarrassed every time going out with friends. She also never went out without wearing a mask of closer to the face. All Raizel wishes to be her appearance back a few years ago
Raizel said: "Many people asked me why my appearance was getting older. I didn't answer them because I didn't know what happened. I always pray that I will be stronger, my old skin and appearance will come back. If so, I will be able to see my friends again. I can't meet them now because I'm very guilty. "Raizel Callago recently appeared in a famous Philippine TV show called" Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho ". The production team brought her to see James Young Endocrinologist and was diagnosed with Progeria's syndrome. This is extremely rare syndrome, causing skin wrinkles or aging, slow growth and increases the risk of heart attack, heart failure and stroke. Unfortunately, physical changes due to syndrome Progeria caused irreversible. That means a 16-year-old girl will never get a young appearance like before. All that doctors can do is try our best to prevent cardiovascular problems, treat osteoporosis and joints, two of the most common antiseptics of Progeria.do syndrome Difficult circumstances, not enough money to pay for the necessary treatments, so the Raizel family has to call beneficial houses to support healing for her. Video: The daily life of girls 16 Age with older appearance (Source: Truly): Hai Van / News News

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