Rating Robot Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi Dreame Bot Z10 Pro: Perfect Choice For Clean Balloon

Convergence full everything you need in a vacuum cleaner robot like a strong suction force, smart identity sensor, now equipped with large automatic ventilation barrels, Xiaomi Dreame Bot Z10 Pro will support Powerful players help your house always clean the ball. Save the time to work home is what everyone wants. It may be a break after a tired working day, gathering the family party or simply doing the other things you like. With the help of technology, more specifically, the vacuum robot is increasingly smarter, the job of cleaning boring houses, time consuming has gradually no longer a burden. In this article / Video, VnReview wants Send to readers Experiences, detailed reviews of vacuuming robots Mop Xiaomi Dreame Bot Z10 Pro

. This is the latest robot model of Xiaomi's Dreame Bot, the listed price of VND 12.99 million but is being discounted to only about 10 million VND, with a 12-month warranty policy. Overview of Bot Bot The Z10 Pro is packaged quite simply, in the environmentally friendly cardboard box
The accessories come with robots, next to the charging dock and the automatic dexting barrel of up to 4 liters, there is a cleaning module, a sweeping and a crabbery bag. There is no much thing to talk about Next of the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro, when it has a familiar round body variety of predecessor generations to optimize the ability to clean up and avoid obstacles. Open the robot lid up and below is the integrated garbage box. With other robots, we will have to manually remove the garbage as well as to manually clean after about 3-5 days, but thanks to the automatic scallery bin, Dreame Bot Z10 Pro will automatically suck garbage every time Robot returns to the charger, whether completing the job or out of the battery must charge more. According to the manufacturer, the 4-liter capacity of the automatic scallery can help Dreame Bot Z10 Pro can contain garbage to 65 days to clean up. This is an ideal number for those who don't have much time to do housework. A garbage bag can be reusable several times, and if there is a need, users can also easily find purchases at distribution agents. In order for dust robots to operate, indispensable systems The sensor identifies. With the DREAME BOT Z10 PRO, this robot model is equipped with the latest LDS eye system today, which allows exactlying environmental information and surrounding obstacles can interfere with the work area In addition, Dreame Bot Z10 Pro also uses Dual Lidar Laser sensor technology, with advanced algorithms to detect and identify obstructions within 8 meters, rebuilding 3D environment in the brain Electronic Robot. The system will calculate correctly the size, shape of obstructions such as: footwear, carpet, pets in the house, the utensils
.. From which to maintain a safe distance, change the direction to avoid Standed status, ensuring the process of cleaning is always smooth, more stable. Under the robot, we can easily see a large size wheel pair to easily cross the terrain, where sets of brushes - DREAME BOT Z10 PRO only has a large extra broom instead of two small brooms as many other robots on the market.Module wipe the house of Dreame Bot Z10 Pro with a separate water tank with a capacity of 150ml, electronic pump system with 3 Custom water levels to match many different floor surfaces. According to the manufacturer's recommendations, users should choose a low water level for wooden floors, and increase to medium or much with tile and stone floors to optimize the ability to clean the robot. Experiment and use the realityDReMe Bot Z10 PRO in Vietnam is an international version (Global), so it will be possible to be controlled via the Mihome app available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store platforms. Here, users can easily control remote robots, not only stopping at / off, and timers but can also monitor battery levels, adjust the smoking mode, create virtual walls, area prohibited , Save room maps and floors ... and lots of other good features. Even while busy at the office, with just a few taps on the App, the Dreame Bot Z10 Pro at home will accept orders and immediately perform the cleaning task, when it is about to have a clean house available. Wait. Where is the recognition of the sensor system on the DREAME BOT Z10 PRO good? With this aspect, VnReview put the robot into a few contexts like sitting in the sofa in the working area of the robot, jumping into suddenly in front of the robot and putting obstacles like toys, items in House. At all of the test conditions, DREAME BOT Z10 PRO is very smooth and smoothly. The NIDEC brushless motor, DREAME BOT Z10 PRO has a suction force up to 4,000 PA, a number can cause many robots Another in the market must "abstain". With dirt such as coffee, sandy soil, debris, Dreame Bot Z10 Pro can handle quickly even if they are in the floor. In addition, the robot is also capable of automatic carpet recognition, the Review team has tested and finds it very effective.

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