Reach Ocop 4 Stars From The Idea Of Vietnamese Tea

Following, inheriting the Vietnamese Tea Flowers, Ms. Tran Thi Thuan and Tam Ngoc Cooperative Members (Soc Son District, Hanoi) have produced healthy herbal tea. In particular, 3 products have achieved Certified OCOP 4 stars 9: 00/3: 40 Nou southern region Tran Thi Thuan on the products of Tam Ngoc Cooperative in the sunny summer days in the sunny sunshine like fire, cooperatives Tam Ngoc still hit the copper to harvest jasmine. Sweat, the care effort is offset with brilliant blooming flowers. Jasmine is also one of the ingredients contributing in herbal tea products to help her beautiful and bright sisters of cooperatives

. Tran Thi Thuan, Director of cooperatives, share: Dong Xuan commune, Soc Son district, okay Nature favor for water sources, traffic terrain, convenient soly suitable for planting medicinal plants. Experimenting and planting many traditional herbs of Vietnam such as gemstone, Dinh Lang, jasmine, sticky leaves, ancient pain .
., she saw the tree growing well and has the potential to make products quality. From the habit of drinking tea and tea bonus of Vietnamese people, members of the cooperatives have creates ideas and creativity so many tea products from herbs, have a good effect on health. "On the market today, there is no The herbal tea products, but the products of Tam Ngoc Cooperative still win consumers' love. It is thanks to the production process always comply with the most demanding standards. Herbal plants are planted Organic direction of natural consumption, applying scientific technology is cold drying to keep the nutritional value, shape, color, but still ensures herbs' pharmacy, "Thuan said. Products The enthusiasm of people with disabilities, the products of Tam Ngoc Cooperative, are made by the hands of people with disabilities and the locality in the locality. Director of Tam Su Cooperative: "There are many people born in unable to go, can't say or can not see it. We are such people, is a weak part of society. But has constantly strives with the will and energy to make products useful for themselves and society
For us, health is precious, nothing can be compared. Understand this More than anyone should we have been determined to bring her herb tea to the hand to consumers with "the mind": clean, quality and good for health, with a small contribution to a healthy society , Tri Vinh. Our tea products need respect, sympathy, share, community help so we can integrate with daily life and spread, create jobs for people with disabilities ". Currently, the cooperative has 3 products of Hanoi 4-star certification of Hanoi. It is Lien Hoa Tea, the product has a combination of Dinh Lang, Tea and Lac Tien, Lac Tien, Tam Sen, Sweet Grass, Chrysanthemum, Jasmine to increase blood circulation, increase fitness, fight stress, stimulate activities The dynamic of the brain, relieves anxiety, liver protection, immune stimulation. Coffee climbing tea with herbs containing active substances such as Ancaloit, Glyco Ancaloit, ... help protect liver cells very well, improve toxic waste functions. There are ingredients with ingredients as jasmine, sticky leaves, coffee climbing, black radiation, antique, sweet grass, effective slimming effects, lowering blood fat. In particular, tea climbing tea products have reached the top 10 products honored by the capital of 2020. "The product is attached to the ocop star is a motivation, recognizing the best efforts of cooperative members in The process of producing, processing and promoting local medicinal products according to quality inspection standards, ensuring safety and its own identity. This is also a "ticket" to bring the product further, further Close to a large number of lovers and messengers Made in Vietnam as well as consumer communities across the country, "Pure shares. Herbal tea products of Tam Ngoc Cooperative are sold from 55,000 VND / box. Products are sold at introductory stores and e-commerce trading floors. Contact address: Thôn Xuân Kỳ, Đông Xuân commune, Soc Son District, Ha Noi. Phone number Order: 0969.296839. Tran Le

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