Reading In Businesses

In the second year, business weeks and books began to be noted by high interaction and practical activities. One of the activities is the seminar of 'Cultural Development in Enterprises', opening new opportunities for current reading culture. Dong Nguyen Xuan Thuong (middle) Representative ZenBooks received a certificate of top 10 books worth reading at the Week of Entrepreneurs and Books in 2021 Nguyen Nguyen, Director of the Department of Publishing, Printing and Release, said that in the roads to form entrepreneurs in the 4.0 era, the book is one of the ways Ideally important, even the most important thing is the first. Job; The billionaire came up from Jack Ma's failure or a creative billionaire Elon Musk, they were all "bookworms"

. In it, Bill Gate read about 50 rolls per year; Elon Musk more, every day spends nearly 10 hours to read books. For this time, the benefits of reading are probably the issue without debate, which is important to seek solutions to promote reading. Like the general reality, the development of the culturally reading in the office is now facing many difficulties, including 2 main causes of no time (work pressure, family, friends
..) and most Companies and businesses are not too focused on bringing culture to read on business training, leading to employees and even the managers have little opportunities to have access to their matching titles. The context of that, the sharing of her army, the author of the miracle book to surpass himself, one of the 10 readable books was honored at the Week of Entrepreneurs and Books this year, at the same time being a receiver The religion of a business, is considered practical suggestions. Accordingly, her company has attached to reading books into KPI (the performance evaluation index), each year leaders and employees must read 4 books; At the same time give books to talk to partners and customers on holidays, Tet. Look in a broader respect, Mr. Nguyen Canh Binh, Alpha Books Director, said, the development of reading culture in the enterprise requires A comprehensive strategy and approach, in which the goal is to turn businesses to become a learning organization. Want to be so, need to build an ecosystem consisting of 3 main pillars: Books and Knowledge; Read space and forms of reading, exchanging and discussions; Reading activities through awards / honors and people. "Wanting culture to read truly operate and effectively, it is necessary to encourage reading, guide / training knowledge in books, Competition / exchange reading between businesses, cultural rankings reading for businesses .
. ", Mr. Nguyen Canh Binh added.

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