Ready To Fly Trade, Bamboo Airways Welcome Modern New Aircraft?

The Embraer E190 Bamboo Airways has just received a maximum speed of jet to 871 km / h, a maximum range of 4,537 km. The goal of expanding the fleet size and developing strong flight routes Inland, Bamboo Airways has just welcomed the Embraer E190 jet ship at Noi Bai International Airport and registered Vietnam's number of Vietnamese signs of VN-A262. Photo: Bamboo Airwayse190 is a jet produced by Brazil's Embraer Group. This is the third largest civil airline airline in the world, specializing in luxury specialties for entrepreneurs and upstream. Photo: LaborMBRAER E190 has a wide range of wingspans, body lengths and outstanding flight lengths compared to e-jets series, with a maximum speed of 871km / h, a maximum range of 4,537 km

. Photo: Labor aircraft can transport up to 114 passengers with configuration of 2 rows of seats and a walkway in the middle. Photo: Bamboo AirwayStuyen, Bamboo Airways EMBRAER E190 has 98 chairs with 6 in business class and 92 in the economy. Photo: Bamboo AirwayScribe Electronic Control (Fly-By-Wire) is equipped with fighters that allow aircraft to transform control movements from pilot hands into corresponding control parameters, helping to bring Back safety, flexibility and stability, and improved performance, streamlining design and optimal mass
Photo: Bamboo Airways The first flying of Embraer E190 made in March 2004. The first customer of E190 is a cheap Jetblue airline based in New York, which offers 100 pcs and 100 options. Photo: Lara so far, Bamboo Airways is the first and only airline in Vietnam that exploits this E190 jet line. The company plans to expand the size of the Embraer fleet to 10 pieces in 2022. Photo: Bamboo AirWayst to perform the journey of Hanoi - Con Dao and equal stages equivalent to E190 only for more than 2 hours, significantly shorter than when Flying connections like before. Photo: Bamboo Airway, Bamboo's flying team has 30 units, including 6 embraer area jets, three Boeing 787-9 wide body, and 21 Narrow Body Airbus A321, A320, A319. Photo: Bamboo AirwaysVideo: Canadian aircraft emergency landing in the US. Source: THDTHO MINH MINH

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