Real Damage Uzbekistan Shot 1 Afghanistan Fighter, Forced 46 To Land

Uzbekistan announced that it shot down a Fighter of Afghanistan as well as forced 22 aircraft and 24 other military helicopters had to land because of unauthorized flying into this country.0: 00/2: 35 male model image Flying Afghanistan after falling. Source: Anadolu Agency Uzbekistan's Faller said in the 14-15 / 8 days, they asked 46 military aircraft carrying 585 soldiers of neighboring countries landing on Termez airport in the south of this country. The Daily Mail reported Uzbekistan's Ministry of Defense, said the country's defense system shot down a unauthorized Afghan military aircraft that invaded illegal airspace on August 15, in the context of Taliban movement to win full control Ministry of South Asia on. However, the state prosecutor office rejected the information about the shot, and said the aircraft occurred a collision with an escort fighting of Uzbekistan, causing both Two falls into Surkhondaryo province

. According to the announcement, the pilots have grounded, though, then be included in the hospital for treatment. The job in the context of both Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan has just organized a high-level negotiation with the Taliban on security and The future of regional infrastructure projects. Military aircraft accidents reported at the end of August 15, caused fluttering in Uzbekistan when photos and scenes returned to the scene and Africa The injury was posted on Telegram
The initial Uzbek Defense said they were studying videos and reporting on the crash, then confirming the plane crash took place without giving any details any. Later on August 16, new officials revealed that the plane was shot down. Uzbekistan defense officials told Russia's Ria Novosti state news agency that the water system of the country had stopped A Afghan military aircraft crossed the aerial border of Uzbekistan in an illegal way.Bekpulat Okboyev in Termez City in Surkhondaryo province said he received the two uniforms of Afghanistan on August 15. One of them was heavy and seriously injured. A day earlier, his hospital also received three injured Afghan soldiers, after 84 soldiers crossed the throne to here. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Uzbekistan announced these people was provided with temporary accommodation and food. The above agency is also negotiating with Afghanistan about bringing these people to the country. After the Taliban officially controled the entire Afghan territory and offered the President to resign, thousands of people pulled to Kabul airport Search How to leave this country. Some people are so desperate that they have clung to the military aircraft and then crashed or clamped
(Watching videos of people clinging to the military aircraft cake preparing to take off in Kabul. Source: Daily Mail) Xuan Chi /News

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