Real Estate Is In ‘peak “, Rushing Into Easy’ Strands’

High-level securities, many investors 'latch' profit and transferred to real estate make the market 'fever' up. Buyers are mainly speculators; Housing prices have increased very high, after the hot fever will always be degraded, crisis0: 00/4: 08 NAMSHIA to PV INFONET on the real estate market, Mr. Pham Duc Toan, General Director EZ Property Development and Investment Joint Stock Company (EZ Property), said this stage is not much, the demand is mainly speculators; Housing prices increased very high, hot sauce; especially are large valuable real estate. "The current time is difficult to realize for the real estate market next time. I am very concerned after the hot sauce ever the market will also be degraded and crisis, "Mr

. Toan said. Go to the real estate market in this stage low success rate, easy 'stranded' .
.. follow He, the source of money is very excess because of low interest rates, supported by the state because of the epidemic, the tax amount is debt ... many cash flows "poured" into real estate, so it is easy to lead to inflation; Money devalue, real estate prices increased. "In the short term, the real estate market can still be exciting until the end of the year until the end of 2022, but can be adjusted in case interest rates increase because inflation increases interest The rate will increase, this affects the real estate market. That market also affects real estate, currently the stock market rises absurdly, many businesses do business , alarms that the price increases ..
when the cash flow is cheap, many people do not know what investment is poured into securities and real estate; But real estate cash flow benefits from stock. When stocks rise, many investors 'latch' profit and transfer to real estate. The real estate market 'fever' has just been due to those factors, "Mr. Toan analyzed. However, the General Director Ez said that in the middle and long-term is not good, when prices are high, liquidity Reduced, when the market would be hibled. The 'fever' only works to benefit some speculative groups, short-term 'surfing'; But it is not good with long-term investment and the economy. "In cases where the economy is still affected by the disease, the surplus of real estate development will be weak; In 2022-2023 real estate market is not necessarily good. The current stage is the most risky stage of the market, who enter the market in this stage the success rate is getting lower and increasing and increasing the proportion of 'strands' because they are on the "wave top". Purchasing is easy but for liquidity and sale with good price with profit, this stage begins difficult, the previous period may be 'surfing' investors 'escaping' but investors later danger. In cases where new houses participate in the market but use loans, the rate of failure is still high, "Mr. Toan note. So should be involved in this stage real estate market? Mr. Toan said Any stage market can participate but with conscious investors, core filtering will know how to withdraw. The current time with new investors should not participate in the market but should let the game for shark investors because they have potential and experience know how to go, so in. Real estate market is currently the warning period.When real estate investment this time should note? According to Mr. Toan, when the market is 'fever' almost every product offers transactions; Even garden land, land plants, forest land ... Buy and sell hands. Therefore, it will be very risky when the market is bad, the highly legal products will depreciate quickly, without liquidity. This stage investment is safe, head Private must choose legal safety products. In the case of a bad market, the real estate ensures that the legal factor can still be sold, whether selling losses but still liquidity is available, the real estate position has good social infrastructure Higher clause, when not sold to investors can sell to real consumer buyers. With investment products in remote areas, or in the locality, there is no potential, so avoid. There will be no major changes. Investors conduct transactions "surfing", "pushing" prices in the real estate market next time will not be feasible, especially when epidemics are not over and there are restrictions in social interface Like such business activities, Mr. Khuong said that people with real housing needs and have a source of money available before, not using economic leverage, this is a good opportunity to buy a house. However, for the "surfing" investment group or the short-term investment group, he is not the right time.

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