Real Madrid Wake Up, Chairman Perez Element 2 Phishing Legend

Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez accuses two legends Iker Casillas and Raul fraud and is a scamming in a recording tape from 2006 and leaked in 2006: 00/3: 18 South Vietnam "Storm Level 12 broke out "in Real Madrid after a leaked recording tape showed that President Florentino Perez watched two legends Iker Casillas and Real are" big scammers ". This recording tape has since year 2006 But now it has just leaked that President Real Madrid Perez became the focus of criticisms.Casillas and Raul were two legends living in Real Marid with a total of 43 years of dedication to the Bernabeu team. Both helped Real Madrid won 7 La Liga. Perez chairman and goalkeeper Casillas

. Photo: GettyRaul left Real Madrid in 2010 moved to Schalke 04 after a season he was tortured by injury. At Real Madrid, Raul recorded more than 300 goals. Meanwhile, the legendary Iker Casillas left Real Madrid after a conflict with Jose Mourinho at the moment this Portuguese coach also led Real Madrid
Casillas has a total of more than 700 appearances for Real Madrid. Writing the shocking conversation on only 6 months after Florentino Perez resigns Real Madrid president. It happened in the context of he was criticized for too much in building the club's brand that ignored the achievement on the grass.Theo El Confidencial (Spain), Perez talked about Casillas in the recording tap In 2006, "he is not Real Madrid's goalkeeper, not and never. It is the biggest failure we have. But the fans loved him again, talking to him. I don't know why they defend the casillas so much. Well, it's one of the big fraud, the second is Raul. The two biggest scammers of Real Madrid, the first is Raul, the second is Casillas "Then then, Perez moved his anger to Raul, who accused he destroyed Real Madrid. Perez blamed Raul pushed him into the scene to resign in Real Madrid president that year
Raul is a Real Madrid team coach under Perez. Photo: GettyPeratez said, "Zidane is a great guy, Beckham and Ronaldo (Brazil). But after them, others think ... Well to see. Raul is a bad person. He thought Real Madrid was his own club. He used all that was in Real Madrid and developed everything for the sake of herself. Raul and his representative was like that. They are responsible for Real Madrid playing badly. I left for many reasons including him. He is a negative person. Raul is destroying Madrid ".The leaked recording tape has caused all confused people, especially Perez and Raul. Raul is currently Real Madrid's Castilla coach. This is Real Madrid's young team. Raul was considered to be a real coach Real Madrid after Zidane resigned. Now Real Madrid's head coach is Carlo Ancelotti.Perate immediately countered by claiming that recording tape was announced to lose his reputation after he faced the scandal of Super Ly Khai tournament League. Sergio Ramos has just left Real Madrid after conflict with Perez. Photo: MirrorPerez said, "With the news broadcast on the El Confidencial, including the phrases assign to me, I think everything needs to clarify. These words were cut from many conversations with Mr. Jose Antonio Abellan, who tried to sell us but failed. The surprise is despite the time has passed a long time, the El Confidencial sheet Give it today. Ice recordings are separate conversations that are cut from a larger context ". Pham Quang

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