Real Marriage With Her Husband Is A Russian Army At Young Children In ‘sunny And Sunny Days’

Ms. Nga when he was young in 'Sunny on sunshine' played by actress Luong Ngoc Dung held the hearts of the audience. In real life, this actress also has a peaceful life with her husband and the first daughter. Russians at young children in "Sunny Day" by actress Luong Ngoc Dung showed that the audience loved . In Russian characters - a woman who donated, kind and kind woman

. Ms. Nga was not afraid to help Yen (Kim Oanh) even though she was a stranger and later adopted flowers (Diep Anh). True, sophisticated and appropriate shape of Luong Ngoc Dung received positive feedback from the audience
Ngoc Dung's role in Russia when he was in "sunny day". About this role, Luong Ngoc Sharing: "When I received the script, I don't know about the following, nor knowing how you played, I didn't know how to do two parts to fit together so I was quite worried, I shared That worry was directed by director, DOP (who was responsible for all images) to encourage a lot. Finally, I created my Russia after many nights of python, how to really, my life The most natural closest I can. Russia is just a woman with a bunny with a woman who caught in real life. "Interesting thing is parallel to the movie" Sunny day ", salary Ngoc Dung plays his mother's mother's role in the "mirror mirror". In the past, this character was adultery with Mr. Nghi - her father's father. Let's go back earlier, in the movie "Sunny sunflower", Luong Ngoc Dung played the role of Kien's mother (later posted by Hong). The fate of the mother's character is also encountered. Discovered betrayed by her husband, Kien's mother almost crazy, then had to go to Tam Than Institute
Luong Ngoc Dung also transformed into the Mother Captain Tung in "Mirror Mask". Do not appear only in a sunny day About, mirror mirrors, sunflower sunflower ... Luong Ngoc Dung familiar with the audience with: Return to love, crocodile records. It is joy and happiness when she is incarnated in many different characters, giving the audience the special emotions. Use with art to come from ... Reason for college slip. The actress said: "My starting point is ... college slip. At that time, I accidentally caught the announcement of VFC's TV actor training. At first I only thought to register to apply if Do it considered a fire retardant. But anyone expected, the more drunk. Mr. Hoang Dung, Ms. Lan Huong, Mr. Neop Trong transmitted the fire loved her enthusiastic profession to us. After graduating from the TV actor class Lock 2, I received many feelings of the audience when they contributed to the movie "fairy tale" of Trinh Le Phong director and "friends" of Tran Quoc Trong director. However, after that, I parked Entering the University of Arts Arts and Arts, specialized in Pedagogy of Fine Arts. Due to the characteristics of the school, I have to go to the film career. "She is MC in many programs. Then, Luong Ngoc Dung is good Industry Pedagogical Fine Arts at Military Arts and Cultural University. She used to be an art teacher at a secondary school. However, Luong Ngoc Dung still chose to be an actor at the Youth Theater. In addition to filming, playing drama, she also makes MCs, editors. Destroying, she went to a 15-year performance. With a drama she once several times took over long roles, she several times stopped, for reasons like university parking, married and giving birth. Each time he returned to Ngoc Dung's career began with the shirts of the masses and then gradually became a convertible masses, then reached a side shoulder for a few segments. Ngoc Dung and her husband. In 15 years with the profession, Luong Ngoc Dung spread: "15 years with a broken segment, I have to return to the starting line but I don't regret it. Full body into the character. I always thanked those difficulties that helped me mature. 15 years, I still attacked the job, not to bridge the name, famously just looking forward to living with the job " . About private life, Luong Ngoc Dung has a marriage with her husband and her first daughter and daughter. The actress is also happy to show off her husband: "My husband is a squadron, so it is often absent. But in return for love, interest and understanding you for me is like Mau and Russia in the movie. Always together, is a triumphant trijun who doesn't need to say it also understands what the other person thinks. He always offenses his absence with all what's possible. "Happiness of actors Luong Ngoc Dung . The psychological husband is concerned but the real life of Ngoc Dung is still a family member like Russian in the movie. Therefore, she felt coagulated with her role. And thanks to that, the acting of Luong Ngoc Dung conquered the audience. Dodging (TH)

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