Reason For Better Evening Shower In The Morning

Bathe in the evening helps skin and hair healthy, simultaneously, helping the body to relax, improve sleep quality.0: 00/1: 37 nam southern souvenir easier to sleep in the evening helps the body and mind Relax, so you will be easier to sleep. The study was shown, bathing warm 90 minutes before going to bed helps you go to sleep faster than usual 10 minutes. Warm water helps reduce the body's temperature, from there, send signal to the brain that it's time to go to bed. Nice to sleep before going to bed is also a way to help prevent acne effectively

. Hair accumulates bacteria, dirt and care products throughout the day. If not cleaned, these impurities will switch to pillowcases, then exposed to facial skin. Bathing before going to bed helps clean the body, simultaneously accelerate the reconstruction of skin cells, helping skin better
Reduce allergy symptoms if you have seasonal allergies, bathing in the evening helps reduce Less symptoms. Bacteria, dirt can cling to clothes, skin and hair, will keep on the bed if you are not properly cleaned, can make more serious allergy symptoms. Health is better in the evening, You will have more time to dry hair naturally, so that the hair will float and glide. If washing in the morning, you often have to use the dryer to dry your hair, making the hair fibers weak and dull. The body odor before going to bed can help prevent the body odor effectively. The study has shown, cool bathing before going to bed helps reduce symptoms of night sweats that many people suffer. Leaving muscle pain warm before going to bed helps reduce muscle aches after a long day of operation . Warm water helps soothe muscle strain symptoms, preventing cramps from the foot at night, helping to improve sleep quality. According to Bright Side

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