Reason Mourinho Supports Him Won Italy At The End Of Euro 2020

Jose Mourinho called him vs Italy was the 'perfect EURO 2020 final', which he supported the tram monks to the championships.02: 00/1: 36 nam southern military holders just entered the first days working at as Roma, accurately predicted 2 pairs of Euro 2020 semi-finals, as well as believing he will go to the finals and have many opportunities to be European hosts.Mourinho supports him to win italy, with a victory 2-1 before knitting Circuits, including controversial penalty, England first entered the final Euro, also 55 years since the World Cup final 1966.An will fight Italy, an extremely difficult opponent for him Game Southgate. No matter where Mourinho supports the Three Mekong to the throne and has revealed the reason why

. Captain MU shared on the Times in the comments related to the tournament, from the time when he entered the direct round. "I feel a connection with Italy, because as the chief coach of Roma, I have players in the national team. I wish the best for Leonardo Spinazzola (without injury) and Bryan Christante into the courtyard from the bench
Mourinho wants old students in Tottenham - Harry Kane, a disadvantaged unlikely to win the list Branded, raising the championship trophy for me, Italy met him in the final that would be the most perfect scenario. I am a fan of Tam Su now. I really like Harry Kane to receive the Cup from Aleksander Ceferin (President UEFA). Defeating Germany and I met them in Wembley in the final ".mourinho to Rome on July 2, and AS Roma began to prepare for the new season on July 6. The Housekeeper met Leonardo Spinazzola in Trigoria on the same day after this defender underpassed surgery from Achilles tendon trauma, to take a break in 6 months.

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