Receiving 4 Chickens Sent By My Mother, My Wife Burst Into Tears And Put It Into The Room To Lock Myself

After knowing the pregnant daughter, my mother insomnia all night. The next morning, she sent up 4 chickens to cook porridge for a wife with a tipful wife. The first time that the motivator would have later, but then it was not progressive, we decided to go to the hospital to check. What I am not expected to be the conclusion of a doctor, both are normal and absolutely capable of making parents. But those who know us don't believe this

. They rumored, discussed the lost news, that my wife before his wife should now be so difficult. At the beginning of my parents, I didn't notice, later saw many people talking into, her grandparents are also impatient. And a few days ago, my wife said this month she slowed several days
The house was a pregnancy test, she brought it to 2 lines. With a person who hopes me like me, it's the most meaningful and unexpected gift. See 4 mother-in-law chickens sent up, my wife cries hiccup. (Artwork) Although his wife said it was not in announcement, but was so happy, I blurted my mother. Yesterday, my couple went to the hospital for an early visa, in the eagerness to see me. On the way, I also asked my wife if the son will named, what is the daughter to name. Yet after blood testing and ultrasound, the doctor said she had no pregnancy. The thing of pregnancy tests to 2 lines is not a rare thing. Leave home, the neighbors bring 4 chickens to say that my mother sends it to the mulberry, my wife has just heard that cried and put into the lock room I'm again. She saw some errors with me and the whole family when letting people hug hope
The evening of my husband and I died and no one told anyone. The wife said perhaps the two of us didn't suit, it was best to break up to find the new opportunity. Those when we were talking, my parents called up. Grandparents all blame the daughter-in-law, think she lied to become pregnant. Looking at her husband, I didn't mind at all. Should I actively tell my wife that both will ask for adoption so that she supports this burden? (Please hide) according to T.Trinh (Vietnamese life rhythm)

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