Receiving A Mother’s Mother’s Gift, I Was Startled To Realize She Had Never Considered Me

Since she gets married, I and my mother-in-law hasn't once got a close sentence. Suddenly received a pack of male medicine to send the same mother's hand letter to wrote, my heart suddenly sagged down to 9: 00/3: 41 Young people of Minh Minh early, I received a phone call from the passenger car. "My sister, I have a parcel of a family member from my hometown, you go to the station!" I rush to the bus stop to get it. It was a nam-cylinder male drug that her mother-in-law sent me. In particular, there is a sheet of paper, a hand letter written by my mother-in-law

. "My mother! Mom saw a girder hair so much so she cuts the ladder ladder to the capital for me. I remember drinking steadily, 10 tablets / Times, on 3 times, after every meal .
. ". I'm about her strawberry up to now have 10 years. It sounds long but in fact, my mother can't meet or talk. I don't hate my mother-in-law, I don't spread hard with the bride, but among us don't seem to have any links, binding. There are times, mother overlapping the city playing. I saw my husband who had just worked on rushing to the water rice kitchen while I put my face into a laptop. She said unhappy: "I arranged my job and see how who left the man in the kitchen?". Artwork - Who is free to go to the kitchen, why do you differentiate men or herds Grandma, Mother? - My frankness is probably more or less that she is busy. I don't like the backward and local lifestyle of my mother-in-law
Both times I was born I was twice I couple to call my grandmother to help her mitochondrine but I always received the answers: "Oh, go to my grandmother. Grandmother, crime Grandma. From the past, the tools were taught! ". How much do I feel straightforward, my mother's mother belongs to the active enthusiast," said her mouth ". The outsiders only rushed in the commune with her, they would like to talk about it but to me, I saw that is not honest. The times my children were sick, hospitalized, ever when my child to the hospital, mother-in-law Newly called me and said: "At Today Mother with or believe you are hospitalized, if not, I have to go to the city to help your children hurry." But in fact, the days of children at the institute, I all saw her husband talking to my mother about my situation. At the same time, the time we built the house, still lacked 300 million to borrow relatives, but Mom Natural husbands do not lend any money. So, she said: "Last month of the mother went to see, it costs a few million, the house has no money, she has to borrow a neighbor." Then I heard people in the countryside, saying that my mother-in-law in the month of the pension is going to the store to buy gold, even, she also gives people in the country to borrow interest. Also, my parents spouse my pension according to the senior expert's regime should also have of the food to be. How often 1 year, my whole family only returns to the countryside 2 times, one is on the summer vacation of the children And another occasion is in the Lunar New Year. I gave me a youngest baby, "Catching" the husband to spoil her daughter so I agreed immediately: "From now on 1 year of the New Year, 1 year of the Lunar New Year, that's like that, later the daughter goes to married, it's new Remember to give birth to your parents and eat Tet with your parents ". So I was even more able to ... limited to meet my mother-in-law. Famous people call out, I always find a way to extract without listening to electricity without "throwing" the phone towards her husband. Even, when the phone speaker turned loud, I heard she was asking me about me but I kept ignoring it, took it as if she didn't hear her question, as I was not beside me. Many times, my husband suggested: "She called out, I greeted her an hour for her to support her body," I left the ears of her words. My mother's mother also found my attitude so long, she didn't call to my phone anymore but only called my husband's computer. Today, suddenly received a male drug sent by her mother's mother. Letters with caregivers are very interested. I saw a lot of thoughts. However, the mother-in-law '2D' bride, every person is calculated but pondered, the past years, the mother-in-law hasn't once considers me but only I always show that the attitude is not friendly with her ... Vu Vu

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