Recommendation B Aff Cup Cup 2020: Indonesia, Malaysia Vietnam Recruitment Challenge

Indonesia and Malaysia are the main opponents of the Vietnam team in the AFF Cup first round 2020.Doi Vietnam team started the journey protected by crown AFF Cup match against Laos on July 6/12 to. Then, coach Park Hang Seo teachers and students will in turn confront Malaysia, Indonesia and Campuchia.Voi As the defending champion, Vietnam team obviously really most powerful Group B AFF Cup 2020. However, coach Park Hang Seo and his students also must guard against the potential risk that the opponent can cause, especially Malaysia and Vietnam Indonesia

.DT: Continental ADoi seemed recruiting class Vietnam entered the AFF Cup 2020 with the pressure from the chain 7 consecutive defeats. If we only consider the achievement, teachers and coaches have performed admirably Park Hang Seo worst among the Group B teams in 2021 (excluding the Lao team not playing). However, there are some losses in Tuesday's World Cup qualifying - Asia, playground for the continent's top teams and have a higher level of regional very nhieu
DT Vietnam drawn many lessons from qualifying World Cup.Chuoi 7 consecutive defeats actually beneficial for Vietnam team AFF Cup entering 2020. the coach Park Hang student Seo learned a lot of lessons, just from adapt to the intensity of playing at the level of rivals such as Japan, Saudi Arabia ... "We lost, but on the positive side also saw much better," coach Park Hang Seo identified . "Ownership ratio lower our football but the players can show the spirit of not giving up. Besides, as against strong teams, the method for us to overcome apparently well formed" .Van recommended for Vietnam team is to have a bit of adjustment, especially in attack. Kicking against opponents under another body when confronted with the continent's top teams
In addition, the most important thing for Quang Hai and team is confident, it can be restored after a battle with debt thang.Duyen MalaysiaMalaysia rival but Vietnam team confronted many times since led by coach Park Hang Seo. The two teams met a total of 5 matches from coach Park Hang Seo 2018. unbeaten Tan Cheng Hoe before colleagues across the battle lines, with 4 wins and 1 match hoa.Malaysia War rivals many committer on the Tel Vietnam the semi Thus, Malaysia with rich offensive player speed has always caused difficulties for Vietnam team. In the most recent encounter, coach Park Hang Seo master role narrowly and must draw thanks to a controversial penalty in the last match can win thang.Tuy new course, the disadvantage of Malaysia is that they do not have much time time to prepare due to the club season just ended in March 11. this is also the reason this team often slow start in the AFF Cup period. Therefore, Malaysia's encounter in the second game turn is favorable time for Vietnam Nam.Indonesia team recruitment progress Vietnam North Vietnamese defeat Indonesia 4-0 half years ago, but the land of thousand islands project team AFF Cup 2020 could be a very different version. Time last 3 games played Monday's World Cup qualifying - Asia, coach Shin Tae-yong has not had much time to build a team. Therefore, the Indonesian team's playing style while still unorganized land of thousand islands tot.Doi ball play 4 games eve AFF Cup, won 3 victories and 1 defeat. Training trip in Turkey with stone object file that European teams can help Indonesia improve significantly losing entrance Tel Vietnam Indonesia choi.DT 2 plays both qualifiers World Cup.Doi with Indonesia , Vietnam team may have difficulty because of the sometimes drastic than necessary of the opponents. In addition, the ability to attack the wings with rich player speed of Indonesia as well as a threat rivaled Que Ngoc Hai and teammates, especially when they've had more time to adapt to the tactics of coach Shin Tae-yong. "Storage location" Laos and Cambodia "We have no information on the Laos team," coach Park Hang Seo short answer a reporter's question during a press conference prior Laos round. It is difficult to find data on the Lao team when this team has not played any official match since 2019 until Laos majority nay.Cac players playing in the water, where the national championships were postponed from April . This team has 5 players playing abroad, in which 4 people jacket clubs Thailand and most notable name is Billy Ketkeophomphone, who played in Ligue 1.Campuchia have more activity in the year the past, thanks to attend the World Cup qualifiers and the Asian Cup. Teams despised attend AFF Cup with a very young team, most of the U23 age group. This tournament is seen as an opportunity forged Cambodian troops toward shared sau.Nhin SEA Games in Laos and Cambodia are two teams were the weakest evaluation board. Vietnam team won enough compelled to 6 points before two rivals to ensure competitive advantage in the capacity to go tiep.Minh Ngoc

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