Recommended Haiti To Bring The Army To Protect, America And The United Nations Say?

The United Nations, the United Nations advanced Proposing to support the restoration of security and protecting Haiti's key infrastructure after the assassination of President.0: 00/1: 31 South America recently denied the subject Haiti's sense of bringing troops to protecting the country's critical bases after the Moise President's assassination of a senior official of the US government said, "Washington has no plans to provide support The US military at this time ". In the meantime, Jose Luis Diaz, a spokesman for the Ministry of Peace and Peace Development of the United Nations, said this organization received letters from Haiti officials With the request to send troops to this country. Mr. Diaz, the letter being considered

.Haiti asked the United States and the United Nations to bring troops to protection. (Photo: Twitter) "Mobilizing soldiers in any case is the issue of Security Council (including 15 members) decided," Mr. Diaz added
To meet the proposal of Haiti, United Nations It will take the consent of the Security Council consisting of 15 members. Before that, Haiti asked the US and the United Nations to help the country protect an important infrastructure such as the airport and the port after the assassination of President Jovenel Moise The Minister of Haiti Mathias Pierre said, Prime Minister Attemplaim Haiti Claude Joseph asked the US to support security in the electrocardiogram with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on 7 / 7.The day, Office Prime Minister Haiti Claude Joseph also sent a letter to the United Nations Office in Haiti, offering this international organization to send troops to support the national police efforts to reset security and public order throughout the territory. According to the Minister of Maiti Mathias Pierrei, the above offers also intend to strengthen and ensure security for presidential and legislative elections scheduled on 26 / 9.Song Hy (Source: Reuters)

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