Record 4 Weeks Of Anti-epidemic Ways, Home To Cook 1,500 Bun Bowls, Breakfast Pho

Facilities of cooking of noodles, noodle dishes for breakfast family, Ms. Duong worked over to sell people in his apartment building. After nearly 4 weeks of social ways of social ways, she cooked for about 1,500 bowls of noodles of Pho.00: 00/0: 00 Nou southern house transfer from the real estate to the apartment for about 4 years, most of the daily dining food Ms. Ha Thi Minh Duong's family in Dinh Cong (Hoang Mai, Hanoi) is ordered at Market Online Ms

. Hien Hien in. And online sales on this market, this is the first time. The positive shared, she makes cashier for a supermarket of electronics in Dong Da
In this occasion, Hanoi stretching a social way, supermarkets temporarily stop working so she stayed at home for a whole month. On the first day, her family was at home. Around it, there was nothing to do so she showed cooking dishes to kill time, also practicing for children to do some simple kitchen things. Accordingly, morning every day when cooking vermicelli, noodle for the whole cafeteria, she usually does a several residual residue to the market online sells for fun, not counting a professional sale of vermicelli cooking, breakfast pho for family, Ms. Duong Cooked for sale for residents of his residential area (Photo: MD) but every time they sell, the quantity of asked people to buy a lot, because everyone likes to eat buns, hot noodles while goods are closed . So, walking to the second week, she decided to cook more to the family to eat and sell. "I only made noodle noodles, chicken noodle, borers, fish noodle. These raw materials are easy to order, can even order immediately on the apartment market or supermarket under the house, "she said. What kind of food do you eat, I do it for sale. For example, now eating noodle noodles, tomorrow moves to Burmese
.. just turn around to change, not bored. Types of vermicelli, sister sister sold the price of VND 40,000 / bowl with aromatic vegetables, chili bamboo, lemon full like to go to the restaurant. Day, she went to the online market in the apartment area to announce the next morning. Residents ordered to type the number of bowls, apartments, time for sisters to ship, ensure hot. The application will close at 3 pm daily. Thus, she will keep preparing raw materials. The next morning, her delivered clothes on time for free. When she ship, she will hang the door at the door, the money only receives the transfer to ensure prevention of epidemic. Nearly 4 weeks of distance, sisters for about 1,500 bowls of noodle noodles (Photo: MD) because only sold in the area Apartment, so the number of orders has only 50 bowls, with a day of up to 70-90 bowls. Because guests were placed in the morning, she often had to cook and prepare everything from the night before. Early the next day, she declared the order. Guests have any time to do that now and deliver it. Bun, pho is closed into plastic bags, water, to enter the box for everyone when eating. Some families have the habit of eating early in the morning, they require delivery from 6:30 am, also someone to deliver 9h. In the morning, she ran to deliver noodles around the apartment, reaching 10h is done, she shared. "Actually, if only cooking noodle noodles for the family to eat breakfast, it was relative to the family. hard. But holidays, income was cut, so I tried to cook noodle noodles for sale to earn extra money. "The Ocean revealed, after nearly 4 weeks of relaxing Xa Xa, she cooked a total of 1,500 bowls of noodles, Pho Bright sale for people in apartment buildings. Minus the cost of raw materials, she profited about 20 million VND. Many housewives also enlisted the food sold (Photo: TM) Ms. Dao Tuyet Mai in a urban area in Minh Khai (Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi ) Give me a bright stuff for the whole family, convenient to do a lot and sell 100 years for residents. Which meals do nem, she also packed hundreds of things to eat and selling. Like yesterday, she wareened the fish a large part of the fish, and where she divided 20 sold rates in half an hour. "Every dish, convenient for buying and buying food, I bought increased raw materials Cook for everyone in the area. Considered how to earn extra money to buy vegetables for the family in the days of distance ", she said. On the online market of apartments in Hanoi, in addition to selling food, fresh food, preliminary food, ... Sharing the movement to sell home food. Most people at home take a house to eat something, cook it to sell. There are also some dishes that are their fortune cooking for sale to earn more income. Thanks, online marketing market appears enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner, even snacks. Many residents only need to sit home, go to the online market of the apartment building to be able to place the main dishes, fillers for their meals. Giang Giang

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