Record Bloody Hunt In Faroe Islands

A record number of 1,500 white-faced dolphins was killed in the terrible bloody hunt in the Faroe - Denmark Islands, causing indignation for activists for animal rights.02: 00/2: 14 Southern bloody hunting are called "griadrap" held by the end of last week, when local dolphin hunters target a giant white pigdown. The Danish autonomous Faroe island is still The last European territory is allowed to hunt mammals in the sea, because Griada is considered a traditional activity "Aboriginal dolphin hunting". In the time of a dolphin hunt, herd Dolphins are boat by boat on the shore, where dolphic hunters are ready to fight with animals in the brutal battle. Dolphins are killed with tuberculosis, blades and even electrical tools

. According to the local media, a total of 1,428 dolphins have been killed in the hunt. The video from the scene spreads on social networks shows that many boats are fighting the dolphins to their ruins, with red tidal water like blood. Dolphins are located along the coast with water blood
Photo: Facebook Another video from the field shows that dozens of dolphins are ranked along the row after the hunt. Many dolphin corpses have great open wounds visible. The end of September 13, the dolphin body is seen to focus on a large pile on the beach before being taken to the processing factory - a photo Other worrying shows that the latest hunting "Gripad's" has caused anger of animal rights activists, supporters of global ban on brutal whale hunting activities. For example, Blue Planet Society has called on the EU, as well as the Danish authorities, causing pressure on this autonomous area to stop their cruelty. "Nothing in the logs Copy of the recent Gripadlabel in line with this. The nearest we can find 430 white-faced dolphins killed on August 13, 2013 in the village of Hvalba, belonging to the Faroe Islands "- Organization Blue Planet Society said and added that this latest hunt could be the largest ever recorded. Existing records about Griadrap are dating from the 16th century, while the hunting hunt itself has been available for centuries ago. "While they argue that mammalians are hunted to make food But in the Faroe Islands - where only about 53,000 people live - unable to process even a small part of the giant dolphin is killed "- Organization Blue Planet Society argues.

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