Record Of Death Due To Bear Attacks In Japan

Japan witnessed the number of deaths and injuries due to a record brown bear to break the record this year.0: 00/2: 32 nam in this year, people in Hokkaido province of Japan often see brown bears Wandering in residential areas and even in crowded city areas. It is worth mentioning, Japan also recorded a record of the number of deaths from being attacked by a brown bear this year. The continent of death due to bears attacked in Japan this year. (Artwork) According to Japan Times, local authorities are providing many measures to prevent this large animal from attacking people

. Experts say, the frequency of brown bears appeared in the city areas from the end of September to October will increase, due to this time the brown bear goes to seek food before hibernation. Currently, the number of people killed or injured by brown bears attacked in Hokkaido is 11 people. This number passed the record mark in 1964, the time of the brown bear attacked 8 people
According to the Hokkaido Police Department, since the end of August, the functional force received more than 1,600 reports on seeing brown bears . This is also the highest number since 2015. Before, in the 1960s, Hokkaido Provincial Government also actively driven the brown bear. But then eliminating this animal relocation program because the number of brown bears declined sharply. Since changing the conservation policy, the number of brown bears has increased rapidly and appears in many places in the province Recently. Tsutomu Mano, a senior researcher at the Hokkaido Research Organization, said that the brown bear is less afraid of people, so recently they often appear near where people live. "Brown bears are often avoided Far from people because of fear of being driven. But in recent years, brown bears are less cautious and approached where people live, "Mano said. Testamily, in June, Sapporo once recorded 4 people with a brown bear attacked near city. This month, Sapporo city government has reviewed the use of weapons to control brown bears, if they appear in city areas and can be dangerous to humans
The city also studied more measures to prevent brown bears to attack people. One of the solutions that are being made is to use unmanned aircraft (UAV) to make noise and dispel the brown bear. In addition, the city government also prepares the plan to block the bear line into the people's area by tracking the bear movement by using artificial intellectual camera monitoring along the rivers. Sapporo City plans to share bear detection reports through e-mail systems to coordinate bear navigation out of the population area. "In autumn, brown bears are often more active, people have Can face bears anywhere in Hokkaido ", officials of the Environmental Board in Hokkaido also recommend that people should stay away from the area to see the bear to ensure safety.

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