Recreate The Taliban Instability

Although it has been in control of the majority of Afghan territory, including the capital of Kabul, but the Taliban movement will still face many difficulties in Binh Dinh rebel groups and terrorists in the country. Taliban gunmen at the coating Afghan President in Kabul. Photo: AP In the period from 1996-2001, Al-Qaeda terrorist organization chose Afghanistan as a haven to plan to attack the United States, thanks to the hands of the administration later. Fleeting Afghanistan after the US military overthrow the Taliban government in 2001, but has gradually grown strongly again

. This organization did not have a fixed shelter like about 20 years ago. Instead, Al-Qaeda allocated 200-500 gunmen to operate scattered in many West Asian and Central Asian countries. Since taking the lead leader Al-Qaeda in 2011 after Osama Bin's death Laden, terrorist Ayman Al-Zawahiri avoided the attack against the West, instead focusing on establishing, strengthening the presence in countries like Somalia, Yemen, Syria
The branch of Al-Qaeda Terrorist in South Asia was established with Pakistani, Indian and Bangladeshi elements in 2014. According to the UN intelligence agencies (UN), branches said, branch Al-Qaeda's new has supported the Taliban forces fighting in Afghanistan, the two sides are considered to have "extremely intimate relationship". In 2015, Terrorist IS has established a branch operating in the region Khorasan (spreads in Iranian territory, Afghanistan, and many Central Asian countries) named ISKP, aims to expand the scope of control from Iraq and Syria to the east. But those efforts have not th Public. The Taliban forces fought against ISKP to oppose IS's expansion in the region. The campaign to expand ISKP's area despite taking place with a flashiness and has achieved the original achievements, but finally has been extinguished by the Taliban. But in recent months, ISKP is conducting a wave Second rebellion, perform a series of extremely brutal terrorist actions. In the first 4 months of 2021, the UN support delegation in Afghanistan (UNAMA) recorded 77 attacks made by ISKP. This group often aims at the goals such as: Shia, women, people Foreign, as well as civil and military infrastructure. Not like Al-Qaeda, ISKP has declared the attacks to fight "enemies" in the West
But that seems to be no longer the top priority of this group, but instead "closer enemies" - Taliban forces, in the context of the Afghan government collapsed and the US military has left .aliban It is possible to try to use all resources to prevent ISKP attacks, but will not be able to control every corner in Afghanistan - the country with a large area and dangerous terrain, especially in the time Many areas are still ruled by local military groups. In the meantime, other Islamic factions in Afghanistan do not cause major threats, but will still cause Taliban leaders to headaches Watch. According to the estimated data from the UN, about 8,000-10,000 foreigners currently own weapons in Afghanistan. In addition, many elements participate in terrorist attacks in Europe and other regions All have been trained in Pakistan - the country with a prolonged border with Afghanistan. So Taliban always tries to control, even limiting the maximum of the presence of "foreign gunmen", but work Absolutely preventing the intrusion of these subjects is impossible. Although the Taliban has recovered "remnants" of most extreme Muslim groups operate in northern Afghanistan, and even set up a The number of bases in the border area, but this force is still facing the existence of the East Turkistan Islamic Movement, including Oighters Digen from China's Xinjiang Autonomous Region. The most worrying is probably the combination of Pakistani rebel groups based in Eastern Afghanistan. These forces almost focused on competing for power in some localities, but some groups often conducted extremely cruel violence. All groups currently active in Afghanistan According to the extreme ideology, the analysts called "Salaf Saints" - Sunni Sunni Sounds groups operate in the Gulf with the belief that the mission of each Islamic follower is fighting To combat the "Dealer Mode". This idea is completely contrary to the long traditions of Islam in Afghanistan, and even with the school of the Taliban movement. Observers comment Although there is a bloodshed, there is a failure in some battles, but the successes of IS in Syria and Iraq will still make some young Afghan people affected the ideology of Salaf battalion. Typing in Afghanistan, movement

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