Recruiting The First Day Before Match Against Vietnam

On the evening of September 13, the Chinese recruitment entered the first outdoors to prepare for the match against Vietnam in the third round of World Cup 2022 in Asia area. Episode at Sharjah. This is the first outdoors of the players after 3 days of resting since going to the UAE. The players have 15 minutes startup before entering the main rehearsal sessions that last about 1.5 hours

. Divide the team into groups and compete in small areas. The 44-year-old holder will give players to train with a severe intensity in the first 10 days, to enhance fitness. Vessols and exercise intensity in the first session are not too large, but will gradually increase in the The next day
Chinese transfer will practice 2 sessions a day. During the day, due to high temperatures in the UAE, the players practice in the fitness room at the hotel. In the evening, they went to practice. Coach Ti Lie went to the detailed lesson for a month of training here. In 31 Chinese players to the UAE, only Zhang Linpeng is having a problem of injury and practicing separately. It is expected that he will recover in the next 2 weeks, and enough health to match the match against Vietnam. China has come to the UAE on September 8, after the flight lasts nearly 2 hours from Doha (Qatar). The Chinese Football Association leases 4-star Novotel hotels in Sharjah, to create the best conditions for the players, when it will stay here for at least 1 month. In the first 3 days of resting, the players are in the hotel , but there are still sessions in the GYM room every day to maintain physical fitness. The ball bikes downstream in the World Cup qualifier on September 7, Yuya Osako scored only to recruit Japan to beat China in the third qualifying World Cup 2022 region of Asia
Duy Minh: CFA

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