Recruitment Of Bewildered Italians Because Of Covid-19 Infection

The Italian team is very worried because there are 3 media staff who follow the positive team with Covid-19.02: 00/1: 54 Southern region of the semi-finals with Spain, the Italian team responded to florence Prepare for the final against England. Yesterday (July 8), teachers Roberto Mancini had the first training session at Coverciano headquarters. Concerns came to Italy when there were 3 positive media members with Covid-19.3 with Covid-19 who followed the Italian team during the journey in Euro 2020

. These are employees of Rai TV channels, Includes a journalist and 2 technicians. Of these, 2 people were positive in London after the semi-finals with Spain. The other person was positive after returning to the Coverciano
theo Calciomercato training camp, all members of the Italian team were vaccinated with Covid-19 before the Euro 2020 VCK. In addition, the Italian team is not allowed to continue contact with reporters as well as the media staff. Italian team is practicing in Florence before the Euro 2020 finals, even though the Italian team is still very wary of Euro 2020 finals. Coverciano (Florence) training camp was immediately closed. The disinfection has also been emergency conducted. "This is not the ideal preparation of the team for the finals. We need to make sure that no one in the infection team. The tests are being Conduct. The ability to infect players is small but we need certainty. The rehearsal sessions of the media have been canceled ", information from Italian Football Federation
If there is a positive case Calculated with Covid-19, the Italian team will have a big difficulty because according to regulations, infected members and close contact cases will not be allowed to visit London to attend the finals. There was no service of defender Leonardo Spinazzola, who had injured Achille heels in the Belgian match in the quarterfinals. In the calendar, on Saturday, Mancini's teachers will fly back to London to prepare for the final with him.

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