Recruitment Vietnam Met Saudi Arabia At 0:00 Night Of Vietnam

Both men and women will all play at 0h (Vietnam time) when marching to Saudi Arabia and Tajikistan.0: 00/1: 59 namtheo information from Home Football Federation of Saudi Arabia, Open match The screen of Mr. Park Hang-seo at the third round of World Cup 2022 will take place at 20:00 on 2/9 local time, equivalent to 0:00 on 3/9 Hanoi. This point, recruiting Vietnam is stepping At the final preparation phase before flying to Saudi Arabia. In the afternoon of August 19, Que Ngoc Hai and his teammate will have a match with U22 Vietnam

. This is the match for Coach Park to review the force, approaching the 25 players to play with Saudi Arabia. The Football Federation of Saudi Arabia confirmed the Saudi Arabia - Vietnam at 20:00 on September 2 ( Local time), equivalent to 0:00 on September 3, Vietnam. Screenshot
As for men and women, Vietnamese women must also play late in the Asian Cup qualifying 2022. Vietnamese women are located with Table B with rivals Tajikistan (landlord), Afghanistan and Maldives . The location of the competition is selected as the Central Stadium Dushanbe Republic, Dushanbe, Tajikistan. On September 23 and September 26, Vietnamese women will confront Afghanistan, Maldives. These two matches take place at 19h local time, equivalent to 21:00 in Hanoi. In the last match, the teachers of Mai Duc Chung met the home team at 22:00 on September 29, local time (0h on September 30, Hanoi). "It is expected that Vietnamese women will have 2 friendly matches Foreign players so that the players are rubbed after a period of not playing internationally. The training committee is also improving the lineup, preparing the best force before entering the official competition, "Mai Duc Chung shared. Under the Table B qualifying, Vietnamese women are most evaluated with private How the number one is number one. Recruiting Vietnamese women ranked 8 Asia, Tajikistan ranked 20th place
Meanwhile, Maldives and Afghanistan are not rated. Back with men, teachers of Coach Park Hang-seo scheduled on the 27th street /8. The team will meet Saudi Arabia on the 3/9 day before returning to My Dinh to meet Australia on September 7th.

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