Recruitment Vietnam Rain Team Practice In Singapore

Recruitment of Vietnamese yard gossings in Singapore in the rain of wind, but did not reduce the excitement of the coach Park Hang Seo. Vietnam has a collection of "Hello" in Singapore on December 2, preparing for AFF CUP 2020. Before that, the teacher Park Hang Seo was announced by BTC AFF Cup with SARS COV-2, qualified to step to the training ground. Vietnamese players are welcome by shower. The moment is the rainy season in Singapore so the weather is quite cool and pleasant

. Non-heavy grain and only in a short time should not affect the exercise plan of teachers teachers Park Hang Seo. However, this is a major training session to help relaxing players and regain the excitement. In the afternoon of the same day, Vietnam enters the tactical exercise
Recruitment has 4 days to prepare before the launch of Laos to meet Laos, on December 6.The players came out to practice when it was pouring the rainfall and the teammen wearing a jacket to avoid cold and advanced colds Linh competed as he made a shape while Tuan Anh and Van Duc were so joked with the rain but did not relieve the exercise enthusiasm of Phoenix players stretching to have the best performance of Vietnamese recruitment took place at home Hougang United Club of Hougang United in December 2, Vietnam recruiting 2 rehearsals takes place in the morning and the afternoon.Video Journey of Vietnam AFF Cup Championship of Vietnam: SN

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