Recycling Wine Barrels, Bicycle Parts Creating ‘tools’ For The Race On The River

The rafts made from hardcover, plastic bottles, empty barrels and bicycle parts on the Danube River.0: 00/2: 01 South regain use recycling clothes, transform into favorite characters Painting in the race on the Danube16 Train River from Hungary's play teams inspired by cartoon characters, pizza together to compete on the Danube. The teams must use recycling items, not allowed to use Using any material that can harm the environment.Norbert Ivanyi, the local wine producer and his team built rafts from old wine barrels, old pedals to attach to rafts as paddles. Other teams played round wooden rafs inspired by pizza, shaped decoration on rafts to overcome a 400-meter long way

. Some other teams transformed into funny cartoon characters like Minion.rafael Szollosi, the race organization said: "There are many people who like to create their own friends and join this race. Candidates participating in the race often tell me that throughout the journey they feel like rock stars are performing on outdoor stage
"Danube is the second long river in Europe, originating From the German black forest area, the confluence of two Brigach and Breg rivers. The Danube River Region is calculated from the Donaueschingen region as the two rivers mentioned above to meet. The river is 2,850 km long, flowing through many countries and Eastern Europe and pouring into the Black Sea. This is the river took place many annual amazing races in many localities. At the beginning of the year, hundreds of people will participate in the swimming competition through the cold river between the winter on the Danube river flowing through Neuberg town, southern Germany. It is very cold, only brave people to register to join Swimming in the distance of 400 meters. The participants participated in the cold water swimming competition in Germany participating people would wear a diver, a Viking helmet, and vibrant color decoration. Immediately after the end of the competition, others were eating hot soup prepared by volunteers on the shore, helping them quickly regain the body temperature. Escorted from 1970, when the divers rescued the region Neuburgers perform activities in cold climate conditions in this region. This contest becomes famous because this area usually goes through the cold winter cold
Organizers said the water temperature in Danube live in the area is only 2.5 degrees of content (translation)

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