Red Jellyfish, Exotic Dish Of Ha Thanh Land: Who Is Fascinated

In the summer, the red jellyfish came across the street of Hanoi ward again to enjoy himself by the attractive red bar of this strange dish.0: 00/2: 50 nam southern southern jellyfish must eat Attached to baked beans, coconut leps, new gender vegetables and vegetables are simply with the red jellyfuts soaked with a three-piece shavings, some plastic chairs are available but this dish is extremely attractive from old people to children, Especially when the weather is hot. Than Thien Ly (in Duong Thanh street, Hoan Kiem district) is attached to the red jellyfish goods for over 22 years, this is also a traditional job that her family leaves. Ms. Li said that the jellyfish was taken from Hai Phong's sea rinse with salt before soaking with water from a parrot and whipped water to have a strange flavor without any dish

. Parrots are boiled for about an hour before giving jellyfish to soak. Jellyfish after processing is soaked in the water cooked from the parrot to not dissolved, fishermen and attractive red. Each red jellyfish is sold for 30,000 VND, attracting diners in the summer as many dishes follow Other seasons, red jellyfish are only around in February to the end of May, so many people have to take advantage to eat to not miss the occasion
Each jellyfish is sold for about 30,000 dongs accompanied by coconut, baked beans, vegetables, shrimp sauce, creating a flavor featured attractive diners. It cowl is soaked with kumquat to reduce the smell and fragrance . Bui Bui of baked beans, crispy flavor of coconut lubs, the bar of jellyfoils served with bubbling shrimp sauce, all mixed together very attractive, unforgettable with many people. " Bean vermicelli, jellyfish must serve with a delicious baked beans, have to dot with shrimp sauce, then the taste of the red jellyfish. Many people at the beginning of eating are unfamiliar, it should be strange but gradually will see the bar, cool, very delicious. Red jellyfish walked with the accompanying dish, "Ms. Li said. Isolated with the water cooked from the parrot bark should be characterized without any dish with red jellyfish are sold in the blind red color Trung, in as jelly, when eating with a strange bar. The red jellyfish is quite strange so not everyone knows and likes to eat this dish but once "addicted" is difficult to give up. Depending on your preferences, each person will choose different parts of jellyfish to eat
The soft jellyfish body, succulent, crispy jellyfish legs and daily. Simple red jellyfish goods sold on Hoang Hoang Thai street (in Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi) visit the red jellyfish goods when seeing the dish with color Attractive sharpened on the road. This is also the first time he was trying to try the red jellyfish. "Although his hometown was in the sea but was now trying to try this red jellyfish because he saw it strange. At first ingredients, it felt like a shrimp bily, but when she finished jellyfish into the bar, it was very cool and crispy. This dish is quite strange but very suitable for hot weather in the summer, "Thai Shared when eating a red jellyfish. Hanh Thai first tried to eat red jellyfish, Nguyen Viet Linh (in Ton That Tung Street, Dong Da District ) said that he or she often drops red jellyfish, especially at hot weather. "At first I wasn't used to, watching the jellyfish afraid of afraid but eating a lot of delicious, cool and easy to eat. Summer that enjoy this dish is amazing, accompanying friends who are eating and sipping, so I am very happy, "Viet Linh said. The red is very easy to find because it is sold throughout Hanoi Ward, especially in Hanoi The old town always appeals to people and foreign tourists. It can be mentioned with a number of famous places with red jellyfish such as: Thanh Thanh, Lane, Lane Thanh Ha (Hoan Kiem District).

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