Reduce 10kg, Female Pilot Showing Off The ‘extremely Toxic’

1m65 high, weighing 58 kg, female pilot Nguyen Tran Dieu Thuy (born in 1989) said she felt the need to lose weight for round face and stomach with fat. The combination of stringent practice and diets. About the practice, Dieu Thuy combines many different forms of exercise: Tap Cardio 3 sessions / week, 30 minutes / session; Jogging gently around the family park every afternoon without flying. When translating outbreaks, female pilots actively practiced and jogged at home with exercise machines. Every day, she jog about 10km

. About diet, she said he was absolutely not eating after 6 pm, if too hungry, he only eats a banana and eats a lot of sugar yogurt. The set of starch, coffee milk, sugar, sticky dishes, vermicelli, pho .
. the daily menu of Dieu Thuy is just lean meat, green vegetables and soup. Her dishes are faded, without salt due to Fear of salt will cause the body to store water. She eats lean meat and vegetables until now is now stopping. If hunger can add fruits. Especially, female pilots in 1989 always maintained 2 liters of water every day as well as sleep enough. After nearly 5 months of training and dieting, Dieu Thuy was down 10 KG, currently maintains 48 kg. Successful weight loss helps the physique of Dieu Thuy become slimming, firmer, abdomen and waist also reduces significant fat. Salty beauty of the woman of the Philosophic Thuy Muoi impression. Photo: FBNV
The readers follow the video "The respiry weight loss achievement of Miss, Vietnamese runner". Source: Yannews.

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