Reduce Oil Secretion For Skin In Summer Efficiency

Let the skin do not fall in lots of oil in the summer you need to remember the following know-how.08: 00/2: 33 namouborneoshowan skin you can reduce oil secretion for your skin at home. Photo source: Internet under each pores is a sebaceous route, which is duty to produce natural oils to maintain the moisture of the skin. However, due to genetic causes, environmental or lifestyle, sebaceous glands can operate excessively, producing more oil than usual, causing the skin in a state of greasy balls. Identify simple oil skin that you can use oil absorbent paper to check the amount of oil on the skin

. The T letter area (forehead, nose and chin) is usually the most lubricant pouring areas. Also, the skin's pores are also bigger than those with dry skin. Sebar combined with dead cells can be stuck in pores, leading to acne, blackheads
Therefore, people with oil skin are more at risk of acne, especially young people in puberty. Reduce oil for the skin in the summer Choose cleanser suitable for Oil skin to overcome the oil shadow skin Choosing appropriate cleanser is equally important. Let's practice "identity" with soft and dedicated products for oil skin - acne. In addition, you can also use some skin cleansing methods with natural ingredients at home. Water is balanced to balance the face wash, use roses to clean again and simultaneously Need with pH, moisture for the skin. Moreover, this is also a tightening solution for pores and helps control oily effectively. Reasonable diet controls One of the ways of skin care, oily skin is effectively you need to stay away from real The product is not beneficial for the skin. Frying, stir-frying, fast food, ..
containing more grease can make oil skin susceptible to acne. Instead, adding foods rich in vitamin A such as sweet potatoes, carrots, green leaves (kale vegetables, bina, lettuce, sweet, ...), red peppers and fresh fruits of water Watermelon, dream, mango, ... Besides, you should also provide enough water for your body to improve dehydration to the skin, thereby limiting bad effects to your skin. Oil absorbent paper, makeup remover now cosmetic brands also launched a variety of oil absorbent paper. When hanging out or having to work all day without washing your face, you should pocket carry oil absorbent paper. You should absorb slowly, stop 1 second and use a slightly pressed finger to get the amount of oil to penetrate more paper . You should not absorb oil by gliding through the skin too quickly because I will not take out of oil. A small note is that you don't overuse this method. When abusing oil absorbent paper, you can cause dry skin conditions, irritating and the amount of oil secreted to balance the skin more and more originally. Or when seeing oily on the skin is too much, you should wash your skin It's clean and use the bleaching cotton cleaner. With this method, slime on the skin will also reduce it a lot. According to Hai Duong / Consumer

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