Reduce Pressure On Each Other

During the time affected by epidemics, many families fell into difficult circumstances by interrupt work, income declined. In addition, exchanging social ways to limit travel, communication ... has a significant impact on psychology, the health of people in the occasion sometimes lacks restraint, the air in the house is lost

. To overcome this stage, couples have tried to arrange, support each other to reduce the pressure of 1.00: 00/4: 25 Southern Family Air Family Air, Lovers who understand, interest will be the point Title spirit to help each other overcome difficulties (images are illustrative). Nearly 3 months, Mr
Thanh Hung advertising company in Ninh Kieu district, stop working, without revenue, but he still has to bear Every month over VND 40 million pays salaries for employees, premises, bank interest rates. Unfortunately, the heroic father was seriously ill, hospitalized for treatment. I worry about the money and my father's health caused hero. He lost his sleeplessness, or floats and was hot with his wife and children, sometimes in the room. Ms. Thuy Cuc - Hero's wife, has just worked online at home, ensuring cooking, taking care of them should be very hard. At first, she found her husband or floating hot, tight, chrysanthemum reacted, thought that her husband was heartless, she saw a very miserable wife, was not sharing but also difficult. There are two people arguing for it, wearing children in tears in tears. "A few weeks to live in the war and cold, stir, I suffocate, I'm overweight, confide with your friends . After hearing you analyzed, advised, I found myself also somewhat error or crammed, there were times to say difficulty to listen, like pouring more oil into the fire, spreading a self-sufficient husband, so it was great
The children. In this situation, husband and wife must understand each other's suffering, not to blame, criticize, confront ". Listening to you, Ms. Cuc Changing Tactics, asked, cared for, cared for, to find a husband to make a husband to do it with a way to study foreign languages, computers, but too busy, thanks to her husband cooking rice ... See Soft wife is thin, heroes also less irritable, opening their hearts, telling all problems. The couple will discuss the premises to reduce the cost, when the translation will take advantage of the ground floor where the house is reopening the company. Without looking at the husband's heavyweight, Ms. Cuc withdrew savings books with a father-in-law, partly to save their families. In the immediate future, the hero is still less than the pressure, a warm dress, loves each other. 2 months now, from the day the company's food trading company closed, her husband lost his job, Ms. Ngoc Ha in the county The tooth is also reduced for income because apartments are cleaned by the apartments and cleaning before limiting people to enter and suspend hiring people. Although Ms. Ha shop limited but still spend into the savings, more interest lends to buy houses are charged and pay for her in anxiety. Every time I see your wife calculate the income, lament, tell, her husband and her husband to go elsewhere. The feeling does not make money so that his wife must be brushed, making her husband a boredom, surrendered to be involved with housewife groups in previous hiring places, Ms. Ha saw many people like snacking but not Conditions to make discussions with husbands make extra money from this. Initially the husband refused to buy materials, delivery, afraid of acquaintances to meet his face. Ms. Ha Kien Tri persuaded that this time to find jobs is difficult, thanks to a temporary help husband and only accepting the application to go back and forth. Every day, Ms. Ha made of steamed banana cakes, cooking coconut milk beans, coconut jam slugs, having a pork skin packaging, pouring the cake, making Kim Chi ... seeing the mother to do well, the children also enter side to be eaten. Thanks to the whole house, for the past few weeks, there are more money for living, Ms. Ha's husband also gradually changes the situation, the mood is more fun. In the situation affected by the epidemic, everyone can frustrate because The daily daily lines change. People who are the family pillars, now have financial difficulties and more and more pessimistic. In addition to the economic issue, the fact that all members daily contact in a closed environment can also generate other conflicts. Therefore, each person must find a way to adjust, adapt, skillfully in behavior to reduce the stress. Kim Ngoc in Cai Rang District, said: "My area is blocked. Earlier, the two family cafes must be closed, business losses are. Seeing her husband too worried, I encouraged hard to be temporary, slowly everything will pass. I still have a stable monthly salary to spend. I try to maintain your home living as before, make a schedule for review and play children. The evening was so sad, so the railing was cool, telling stories in the countryside to listen, talking about learning ... It was important that each person himself was optimistic, positive to have more motivation for the future. " From each other these days, many families look at the vaccine to prevent epidemics, need effective, timely medicine to clear the health and mental problems. And nothing creates the best immune system with family relationships. Love

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