Reduce The Risk Of Buying Corporate Bonds Through Credit Rating Organization

At online seminar 'Development of corporate bonds: Balancing the benefits between publishers and investors' by Vietnam Economic Magazine in the morning of August 16, experts said that to play Development of corporate bonds (TPDN), the role of dn trust rankings is very important. In: 00/4: 25 Nam in the first 6 months in the first 6 months, the amount of TPDN successfully issued about 200,000 billion dong. TPDN lead channel helps enterprises with medium and long-term capital mobilization channels with stable interest rates to invest long-term business, helping the economy to develop. TPDN market has an important role in reducing The burden on the commercial banking system (commercial banks) in the supply of medium and long-term capital for the economy, helping commercial banks to balance the risk of term associates between debt assets and assets, creating articles Fighting for commercial banking systems to raise its safety index. According to Dr

. Nguyen Tri Hieu, Banking Specialist, recently, public opinion concerns about bond interest rates. Many bonds are issued as real estate companies and do not have guaranteed assets. The problem is how investors can control publishers using capital for proper purposes? Investors are mostly personal investors
They are less likely to be able to analyze financial indicators to ensure the publisher has the ability to repay debts. Very few individual investors have regular financial statements to monitor the financial situation of publishers. Therefore, very high risks, especially bonds of real estate companies. Nearly there are some bonds guaranteed by stocks of publishers and the risk of this is when value Stocks in the high stock market, the publisher is unable to repay the debt (theory of investors can bring the stock to the market to recover capital). But in fact, the player Onions have lost their ability to repay debts, then the financial situation of enterprises is having a high risk, stock prices on the floor will fall deeply or no longer valuable. "Be careful while the publisher uses itself their to ensure bonds ", Mr. Hieu said. The trust ranking organization will help the bond market developed by Mr. Do Ngoc Quynh, General Secretary of Vietnam Bond Market Association, Total Rights Director of VnDirect Securities Company, when the number of individual investors participated in the large bond market and achieved risks, by the end of 2020 in 2021, in NGH Identify 153 (about offering, private TPN transactions in the domestic market and offering TPDN to the international market) and Decree 155 (detailing a number of regulations on the implementation of the Law on Securities) Allowing individual bond issuers is allowed to sell to individual investors after 1 year of release. Accordingly, individual issued bonds are only allowed to sell to professional investors
Add a condition for enterprises to issue bonds to the public are required to have credit ratings. Enterprises that want to release the public must have transparent information much higher than before. This is a policy movement step to adjust the market's developments. "Regarding the trust ranking policy, Vietnam Bond Market Association consulted Malaysia, South Korea to build Van Transparency in the market. From here, we realized that all publishers need credit ratings, because this is the transparent valuation basis for investors, "said Quynh Tuy Nguyen Quang Thuan, Chairman of Fiinratings (Enterprises licensed by the Ministry of Finance to provide credit rating services in Vietnam), said that the TPDN market provides a very large opportunity but the risk is also very good, the credit rating is Help solve the problem asymmetric information for investors. The role of the trusted rating unit with investors is to be standardized in terms of ranking so that investors can make quick decisions. There is currently a phenomenon of "mixed gold". Trust rankings not only for the market, investors, especially weak, small investors, but also help the whole release receive yourself better, develop credit capacity files in the domestic and international market; At the same time, support management agencies to shape policies and regulations on investment in TPDN for reasonable. Concessions with having trust rating companies are necessary to develop sustainable bond market But Dr. Nguyen Duc Thong, Deputy Director of the Institute of Economics - Finance commented, the risk assessment of a project or business plan is extremely complicated, so the reliability of the credit rating is also gender certain terms. In order to get the trust of investors, the credit rating companies also need a long-term development process. "I think that the trust ranking problem is long-term, but the product development problem is necessary. The bond market will bring interest rates higher than bank interest, but how to reduce the risk of bonds, answers

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