Referee Jordan Manages Var Battle Saudi Arabia – Vietnam

Mr. Adham Makhadmeh and Assistant Ahmed Faisal was appointed by the Asian Football Federation (AFC) to control the VAR on Mrsool Park. Alghad Architect Jordan will work in the VAR - Video Assistant Referee on the day September 2 when Saudi Arabia recruited Vietnam in the 3rd round of World Cup 2022. Adham Makhadmeh was assigned by AFC as the head of VAR, making a decision to advise the main arbitration. The referee Makhadmeh was born in 1987, once met Mr

. Park's teacher many times. Ly for Adham Makhadmeh is the Ahmed Faisal referee. Photo: Getty Images
The most recent, FIFA 34-year-old referee works in Hanoi in Vietnam U23 match against U23 Brunei. He pulled the red card for the visitors. He also collided with a Brunei player when running the place. According to the statistics from Worldreferee, Mr. Makhadmeh once blowed 10 penalties and withdrawals of 12 red cards in his homemade career. Jordan has many trusts, It is often invited to participate in many major tournaments organized by AFC as Asia 2020 U23 VCK, the second round of World Cup 2022 and the 3rd qualifier. The Ahmed Faisal also caught many matches. He has the task of monitoring and detecting 4 error situations that VAR can intervene, support the main arbitration. Normally, a VAR team has 4 arbitrators. The financial control of the match has not been announced by AFC
This organization needs a more arbitration number in the second qualifier due to the application of VAR in the match in the third qualifier. The referee assignment is also based on the ability to move, flights to and from the geography Arena points. The match between Arabia recruiting Arabia with Vietnam took place at 0h on 3 / 9.Olympic Japanese escape with VAR after referring to VAR, the referee to cancel the decision for Spain to penalize in the semi-finals Male Olympic 2020 Dark 3 / 8.Quang Thinh

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