Refusing To Clear The ‘red Line’, Are Available To Confront Russia For Ukraine?

Analysts asked if President Biden was willing to confront Russian President Putin on the issue of Ukraine or not, in the context of the US goal with Russia today, developing a stable relationship And it is easy to guess. Not to clear the red line at the press conference a few days ago, a question was posed with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, whether the Biden Presidential Government made a clear "red line" Do Ukraine or not. American President Joe Biden. Photo: REUTERSYUST, Mr. Blinken did not answer this question

. The US leading diplomatics only said: "America is really concerned about Russia's abnormal military action in the border with Ukraine". The US Department of Foreign Affairs before the same question also answered, "Any aggressive or tension escalating is a big concern." No red line is outlined in Official claims from the US
American officials often avoid answering questions about "red line". Policy of the Biden President government on the issue of Ukraine is still vague. Analysts asked if President Biden was willing to confront Russian President Putin on the issue of Ukraine or not, in the context of the US goal with Russia today, developing a stable relationship And easy to guess. In a announcement on November 24, President Biden said, the US will "reaffirm our commitment to Ukrainians and our unchanged support with sovereignty and fullness The territorial territory of Ukraine "today, the President Biden government is focusing on diplomatic channels to prevent Russian actions. A second direct summit between Biden President and President Putin is considered by either side. Last week, the Kremlin spokesman said that Washington and Moscow are discussing this conference. President Biden's authority considers a dialogue with President Putin who plays an important role to prevent Russia to act against Ukraine. At the same time, US officials are also cooperating with partner countries to punish any Russian actions they consider to be provoked, including new economic sanctions. "We are Working with officials in Europe to cooperate in making economic sanctions, "said Andrea Kendall-Taylor, an expert in Russia at the new US Security Research Center to comment. This expert said that these measures may include sanctions on Russian banks and energy producers, as well as the government's government debts
American and British officials also Discussed on the imposition of tougher sanctions with President Putin's close characters. A Ukrainian official said, the US is considering increasing the military support package for Ukraine. The President Biden government will spend more than $ 400 million in security support for Ukraine this year. However, US officials still hesitate to discuss Washington's support due to concerns to escalate against Russia. The test for Western Hill's unity, Senior Director of Russia under the Security Council Country said, one of President Putin's goals is to conduct an agreement with the United States and eliminate European participation. "I think President Putin has a calculation that the West lacks decisions The mind in solving the problem, "said Ms. Kendall-Taylor, and said the Russian leader understands that the United States is focusing on dealing with China.Nga doesn't threaten the military attack Ukraine but has spoken up About the behaviors that the country considered to be provocative of Ukraine with a separatist forces in the Eastern region. In the context of increasing stress, the Chairman of the US Joint Stock Company Mark Milley has discussed with Dong Russia is General Valery Gerasimov on November 23. In a notice, the Pentagon for this telephone will be conducted to reduce risks and lower stress cooling. President Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the US is providing information and data for Kiev about activities Enhance Russian forces. Western officials confirmed that NATO Allies are promoting information sharing with Ukraine in the hope that it will better understand the increasing threats to help Kiev better prepared and for Vice with Moscow more effectively. However, even in the worst scenarios, most analysts said that Kiev did not expect the US military to react to support Ukraine. American officials for that President Putin still has not decided on whether to take military actions to fight Ukraine or not. While this threat is seriously considered, officials said, the US and allies have enough time to prepare the possibilities for Ukraine and persuade Russia that such actions will be bad mistakes. Currency Putin is calculating what, the Russian military enhances the current force can be a test for American, NATO and Europe's actions. "

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