Regular Vitamin Helps Increase Resistance

Regularly drinking the varieties below to increase the resistance to the body.0: 00/2: 53 male banana factor, banana factor increases the title. Photo source: Internet combination mango and bananas you will have a fresh smoothie, nutritious is in the season so you can easily choose to buy mangoes and combine them with other ingredients to make a cool, rising smoothie resistance. The vitamin mixture includes bananas, mangoes and turmeric will bring both the best immune system, vitamin K in bananas also help prevent anemia. You need to prepare: 1 fresh mango, 1 banana, 1 Turmeric coffee spoon, ½ cup of stone, 1 teaspoon of sugar

. The steps are as follows: mango and bananas wash, peel and cut small pieces. For mangoes, bananas, turmeric powder, ice and add sugar to the blender to the mixture for the mixture and enjoy it. Kale Me Crazy smoothies are simple but delicious and nutritious
It contains a full vitamin A, C, fiber and calcium. In particular, beta carotene in kale with anti-oxidant specials, enhancing the immune system and skin rejuvenation lane. Data: 1 tablespoon protein, 1 tablespoon almond butter, 2 tablespoons of fleshed linen seeds, Grinding, a kale kale, 1 cup of non-sugar almond milk: for all ingredients into the blender and grinding the desired puree. Can add rock preferences. There is a fruit that has a low calorie nutrient content and does not contain cholesterol that makes you feel appetite and no longer need to eat a small guava at lunch, you will Do not feel hungry until evening. Therefore, guava usually works to lose weight and goodness for health that can be made a lot of dishes from guava such as direct salt dots, guava, guava soother, and especially, to suit all members In your family, you should make delicious and easy-to-drink vitamins. Select half or a beads, cut into a small blender and a little cold stone then pour a little soy milk or milk The guava vitamins often help the body absorbs many nutrients from natural fruits and preventing fat absorption, reducing excellent excess fat. In addition, this fruit vitamin also works to beautify the skin, white smooth up after a while. Name note when using a weight loss guava for a long time to avoid the types of tonsils, edit seeds to ensure Bao does not suffer from constipation and other digestive system diseases. Banana factor is very good for health banana health that has a great effect on beauty when eating banana will help reduce hair loss and dry hair loss Facial skin helps pink white skin, reducing wrinkles to blur the banana also have a drying effect when you work with too long computers, or beautify the skin in the fall of dryness
To change, you can change, you can Phase delicious banana smoothie for you and your family to enjoy. You peel off bananas into the grinder with coconut water (or filtered water), with about 3 stones, puree. Note: You should choose to choose Pulse Blend, in this way, your vitamin cup will have and keep the color beautiful longer rather than brown leaning when for a long time, you can combine bananas with other fruits to create H Marinopathy, such as mango banana vitamins or banana vitamins camtheo sunflower / consumer

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