Regularly Livestream Exercise At Night, Hari Won Is Immediately Fans ‘booed’

Everyone advised Hari Won so resting instead of exercising at the late night. The past few days, follow the instructions of social ways to prevent the spread of disease so everyone is at home and restricts the road As collective gathering people. In this time, as well as the women's sisters, Hari Won doesn't worry about worrying about his weight, especially his Tran Thanh commune and regularly cooks many dishes Delicious "fattening" for his wife. To be able to eat well but do not gain weight, Hari Won choose to regularly exercise. The female singer or Livestream performs exercises on the individual site that makes netizens extremely admired before the hard work of her won

.Hari Won regularly Livestream, posting clips of exercise at home. , Hari Won's exercise was a lot of "boo" fans, but she was reminded when her exercise time was mostly at night, time at night. This is said to be inappropriate time to practice, not only doesn't work but also bring unmatched harms
Under the comment in the Fitness Livestream of Hari Won, everyone recommends Female singer should rest and choose the exercise time more appropriate to bring good performance. Regularly Livestream exercise at night, Hari Won is immediately faded by fans. The "warm cushion" person rests or even falling asleep, the town of Tran Thanh exercises again and sweat. Which day Hari Won also exercises but almost at 11, 12 pm Sometimes 3 am also seen her practice. It is known that the exercise, mobilizing in the evening will help you improve your sleep but if the exercise is close to bed will be counterproductive. So in 2 hours before going to bed you should not practice to avoid affecting health.

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