Relatives Share About The Current Situation Of Phi Nhung

Female singer relatives said non-weak non-velvet health from the two days of 200:00 / 1: 46 South Southern region on September 23, exchanging with zing, relatives of Phi Nhung share: "Strength information Healthy African velvet has positive changes that are wrong. I'm changing badly. Family now only pray for Phi Nhung ". In the late night on September 22, singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh message me:" Africa Nhung, I can't give up. I said I want to be like you, I have to be strong

. Wendy and my children really need me, do you understand? ". Artist peacefully shows anxiety Phi Nhung. She wrote: "Stars in my heart worry about me too
Binh An Bridge for you" From the US, Wendy Pham - Phi Nhung's daughter - Praying every day for moms.Phi Nhung hospitalized Covid-19 treatment from 19 / 8. Before that, Viet Huong received Wendy authorization from after Phi Nhung hospitalized Covid-19 treatment. Under the authorization, female comedians will take care of the dictionary cotton voice in Vietnam.Phi Nhung hospitalized for Covid-19 treatment from August 19. At first she was awake but then the severe changes should be taken to Cho Ray hospital on the evening of 26 / 8. A relative of the female singer said before he was positive for SAR-COV-2, she told Phi Nhung Kidneys when going out as charitable by non-vaccine singer. She advised the female singer to the US soon but Phi Nhung wanted to stay, participating in volunteer activities. "Phi Nhung also said she didn't worry, I was careful. The two sisters discussed when Phi Nhung about the US will do it Show fundraising to get money to buy breathing machines for tropical hospitals, "said this person
Before Covid-19, Phi Nhung participated in some charity stoves in Ho Chi Minh City. The female singer with Covid-19 because she was close to some F0 cases. Because of positive for SARS-COV-2, female singers must cancel the flight and a show in the US on August 22.

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