Relax: Who Ignores

I told you, the doctor studied in the office but the faction, why went there. There is a date of death OAN0: 00/1: 08 Nou southern the first house next to me, go to gynecology. Doctor for the prescription. Address her house Ask her husband: How does the doctor write this? He asked his wife: - 2 tablets, l .

.. a pellet. First listen to 2 tablets and one tablet stuffed into l
.. cervical cave .. get a few minutes, water .. Flowing out of boiling, smoke, too hot. Ms. Panish: Save me .
.! I save me! Diploma is in the Faculty, why go there. There was a day of death ".Nghe voiced voice, I ran to ask. Mr. Mac said the story of the story for me to hear and put the prescription for me. See the single, I said: - Oh, he misunderstood. It is a doctor recorded: On 2 tablets, every 1 time. The head must be 2 members / l..1 tablets. According to the village story

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