Relay For Vietnamese Businesses Overcome Difficulties

In the middle of September 2021, the Business Research Center and Business Support (BSA) and the Association of High Quality Vietnamese Goods Enterprises organized online training programs, with the theme of 'Agricultural brand story and Export Road '; At the same time, organizing an online business connection for agricultural and food processing enterprises with the Indian market, ... these activities, to rely on Vietnamese enterprises, especially small and medium enterprises overcome difficulties in the epidemic season. Flexible flexible drying in a business in Thanh Binh district, Dong Thap province

. Program "Agricultural product story and export path" focus on sharing experiences of businesses Successful business operations on production and business process, standardization of products, branding as well as bringing agricultural products abroad. In addition, the program speakers also share how to participate in agricultural supply chains or how to find goods export goods .
. for households producing, farm owners, cooperatives and entrepreneurs . The high quality Vietnamese Goods Enterprise also organizes an online business connection program for agricultural and food processing enterprises with the Indian market. Thereby, it helps Vietnamese businesses to capture the requirements of the Indian market for agricultural products and processed food from Vietnam; At the same time, analyzing needs, frequency and sourcing number of chain head companies in India ... creating opportunities for Vietnamese enterprises to connect with companies in agricultural and food processing industry of India.Tin, Photo: Mh

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