Relay Poverty Poverty A Dream To Go To School

Heal loss of health due to labor accidents, alone wife manages husband and 3 children to study. 'Wings of dreams' - Scholarship from TYM - helped the mother to adopt the dream to school for the children. In the old 4-level house, the middle of the house spread, the rice tray with 2 things, a large aluminum pot Soup vegetables and a small plate containing salty dried fish. The woman Lam flood outside 40 years old and 2 children sat in a rush to the dinner to continue working. On the bed, the man who gangs his eyes in loveons look at a far away place

. Edge, a daughter who bowls bowls to contact and fertilize each other for his father. . The daughter is applying for her father to be Dang Thi Ly, the female student received the "dream wings" scholarship of TYM during the 3 years of education and now the first year student of Khoa Chemistry, the University of Faculty Natural Learning - Hanoi National University
The 3-year-old lake is eating after marriage in 2003, Mr. Long and sisters needed about a small house in the land of his parents. The cozy house became a happy home when the three children were born. Every day he goes to work mechanic, she makes the fields, increasing in the garden and taking care of children. Life in the countryside is not a rich, but trying to spare the store every day, it is enough for the children to grow up with the hope of hope. Labor victims collapsed into the small house on one day Mr. Long went to build a scaffolding. At first, he was only slightly taken. But the next morning he did not wake up as usual. I thought my husband was tired, she still reminded you to let my father rebound
By the time he went to the bed, he asked him to eat and eat and panicked when he looked into his illegal eyes. It hurriedly asked him to take him into an emergency hospital. The doctor said after the fall of the brother had a staggering stream. Since then, the chain of healing for him begins. Borrowing, thanks to places, she brought money according to her husband to the Treating Institute. At home, there were only 3 small children and her mother-in-law was 80 years old, the day, Ly, the biggest daughter, cooked rice and then the garden picked up some vegetables to cook for 4 grandchildren. Relatives, neighbors crossing their love for some eggs, little dried fish, their grandchildren has improved. The need to know how to know the mother-in-law and the children at home are very hard, but the mind is only trying to run Husband hopes he can recover. However, his condition is worse. Finally, after 3 years of running, he was discharged with mounds, loss of memory and couldn't even take care of themselves.2 years later, his mother-in-law, who was old and weakened The son was accident, was seriously ill and not over. The consecutive disaster came down to his family, weighed heavily on the woman's shoulders that made her need to think about not standing. But loving her husband and sickness, I was old schooling, she tried to be afraid of her family's fertilizers who needed every morning. Working work, mixing mortar, concrete team is heavy but she has no other choice. She just hoped to have a health to not have a break, at the end of the month of money to take care of her husband. Heavy work but the less income of 200,000 VND per day is not enough for the family of 5 people in which a sick person and 3 children are going to school. Poor student students in distress, baby new class 6 soon had to take care of her care and both children. Many times when I couldn't believe it couldn't be added. Ms. Nhuan Dinh told the big daughter to leave school. But looking at the flooded daughter before the age of still night lights excelled, she didn't. The next day she enlisted after the meeting on the village to borrow an acquaintance. Understand your mother's hardship, your children try to study and have good results. Dang Thi Ly for many years is a good student. Many times to see me so hard, I want to leave school to help her mother get more but I think I dropped in school, I could only help me before my eyes, I tried Studying well from graduating from university, there is a chance to help your mother and children more. When you have a scholarship of TYM, I'm assured to study, not too much of the cost of book books. Ly Ly, the female student received a scholarship of TYM 3 years in a row of people who are only limited, between the time Saying the hardest thing with a big daughter is a queer, the miracle has come to her mother's mother. Capital is a member of TYM for 5 years, sometimes she needs to rely on the loan from TYM to maintain family life. After her husband with an accident, she needs to manage but the problem meets a lot Difficulty when 3 children are old to school when they grasp their disadvantaged circumstances, TYM Dien Chau branch has made a dossier for a scholarship to her daughter with the General Director of TYM. In 2018, on the list of poor schools

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