Release 118 Thousand Seedlings To Regenerate Aquatic Resources

On November 26, at Nui Coc Lake, in Tan Thai commune (Dai Tu), the Provincial Department of Livestock, Veterinary and Fisheries organized 23,000 seed fish down Lake (00/1: 10 nam Ho Nui Coc, 23,000 breeds of all kinds are dropped to the lake to regenerate aquatic resources. This is a practical activity that is organized annually to supplement, restore and regenerate aquatic resources, increase The population density of aquatic species has been exhausted. At the same time, contributing to raising people's awareness and responsibilities in the protection, regeneration and development of natural aquatic resources, protecting the ecological environment, preventing and minimizing the distribution of one The number of foreign aquatic species invases the environment such as the redness of the redness, bhikks, red-ear turtles ..

. Fingerling stock activities will take place from now until the end of December 10 with 118,000 released breeds. The varieties that are released are traditional fish species such as grass carp, white sesame, sesame flowers, drifting Vietnamese .
. In addition to Nui Coc lake, the seed fish is still released in Cong Cong, Cau River and 4 other reservoirs in the area province, including: Lake Bao Linh, Bao Linh commune (Dinh Hoa); Ho Quun, Dan Tien Commune (Vo Nhai); Ho Rice Lake, Tan Hoa Commune (Phu Binh) and Phu Xuyen Lake, Phu Xuyen Commune (Dai Tu), with a number of 10,000-20,000 breeds / lakes.

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