Release Corporate Bonds To Complete 3,800km Of Highway

Mobilizing capital through issuing corporate bonds is now law, this is a reasonable solution when opening a path to investors can participate in implementing high-speed projects according to the method of PPP.0: 00/6: 05 Southern Prime Ministers Requirements The focus of public investment in the next 10 years is the project to implement highway road construction in the period 2021-2025 and orientation to 2030.Ao speed Bac Giang - Lang Son is mobilized by the capital of enterprises to participate in. Specifically, the goal by 2025 basically completed the North-South expressway to the East (nationwide with about 3,000 km), by 2030 with about 5,000 km Highway road. In it, 10 years must strive to finish 3,800 km of highway

. This mission is an important part of the three strategic breakthroughs so that the country goes up. Resolution The XIII Party Congress has delivered it even though it is difficult but the political system and people have to enter to successfully implement. Proposing the "3-word P" model to build a 3,800 km of high street Speed in less than 10 years of the government in the context of abundant budget capital, the increasingly difficult credit for investors must find a new solution to raise capital
in the model " 3 letters P "The transport infrastructure enterprise proposes to the project capital implementation, including: State budget capital, equity and capital mobilization of other resources. In particular, it is noteworthy to mobilize other resources through the issuance of corporate bonds as a solution to receive the consensus of leaders at all levels and experts. Dong Nguyen - PPP Department of PPP Immigration-private-Ministry of Transportation) said that it was a right solution and opened the aisle to investors who could participate in implementing high-speed projects according to the public-private partner method (PPP). In order to have investment resources outside the state budget capital supported, the equity of the investor, the mobilization of capital from other organizations is essential. Bắc Giang - Lang Son Declare in the form of BOT due to the investment in the whole investment, put into operation in early 2020.Theo Huy, the solution of the Ca Pass Group when implementing projects with large capital needs, Credit difficulties and legal disputes ... such as Ca Pass Tunnel Projects, Bac Giang Highway - Lang Son and Trung Luong - My Thuan are successful, diversifying various capital mobilization methods, almost Each project is "a difficult problem - accompanying the appropriate solution" has the result of "creating true value for society". "The negotiation process between the Ministry of Transport and the Ca Pass Group when signing a contract Project implementation such as auto-stop fee (ETC), Cam Lam - Vinh Hao highway
.. usually lasts, frankly because this enterprise has practical experience, professional apparatus and special forecasts About financial needs , policies ... for projects that are always required by investors, with the goal of publicity - consistency, accomplishing the project ", Mr. Huy said. PPP Department said that before the decree 15 and Decree 63 investment guidelines in the form of PPP and are only narrow in the borrowing of credit institutions. However, in the current context, some credit sources are increasingly difficult. "Under the new PPP Law, in addition to borrowing capital to credit institutions, capital mobilization through legal organizations or individuals tell. I think this is a way that is in line with the context of abundant budget in Vietnam, especially in the period of developing infrastructure before a step ", Mr. Huy said. To mobilize capital in addition to figure Credit awake, the Government's PPP and Decree 28 has issued guidelines for capital bonds and Article 6, Decree 28 to guide the procedures and steps needed for PPP enterprises to issue left The construction criteria for 3,800 km of highways for nearly 10 years of the government in the context of state budget capital is not abundant, needing solutions such as issuing corporate bonds. policy adjustment Slow tax, "Loan expense accounting at BOT projects has lasted for many years yet resolved although the Ministry of Transport has had a long-term opinion that will affect the investment environment and business, mobilization The company's capital is even more and more difficult when financial statements or issuance must reduce the interest of banks Oh investment as well as the appeal of bonds in the short term. "In order for PPP Law to enter life, it is necessary to clearly define the PPP project (BOT) other than normal business enterprises. The financial plan at the PPP project must calculate the interest structure according to the life cycle of the project, how to express the right nature is a true profitable business enterprise from an effective financial project . I think it is necessary to remove the current tax policy in the stage of interest allocation, to express the nature of the economic efficiency of the project, "Mr. Huy emphatically pressed. Let the enterprise cost and collect Suction investment PGS.TS Tran Cuc - Chairman of the Association of Vietnam Road Traffic Works (VARSI) said Hiep H

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