Release Game Cut The Contract With Griezmann Football Star

Konami canceled the Global Ambassador Contract with the Star of the French team Antoine Griezmann after the racist scandal was recently braked in: 00/2: 20 years ago, the striker of Barcelona club and The French team Antoine Griezmann was chosen as the global ambassador of Yu-Gi-Oh game! Now he has been cut off a contract immediately after a video spreads online, showing him with his teammates with the words of Japanese hotel staff. The video is recorded during Barcelona's 2019 summer tour In Japan, Griezmann and Performing Ousmane Dembele are chatting. At this moment, the hotel staff tried to fix TV so they could play Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer. In the meantime, the duo on Barcelona's public goods continuously mocked the staff in French and "Does these hands have a qualified technician?". Video Griezmann and team mocking the hotel staff were released online

. The video above was released online during the week This after the defeat of the French team was braked by the press, from the internal chance to play the release of the star players and stories staying up and watching the game and watching Netflix. It is worth mentioning the sponsor Barcelona's largest is Rakuten, a Japanese giant retailer. Rakuten's CEO Hiroshi Mikitan calls this a 'unacceptable' action and asks Barcelona to give a formal apology after both players apologize to individuals
Griezmann is no longer Yu Ambassador -Gi-Oh, his future at the Camp Nou yard is also very dim. "The players showed their regret and apologized to the fans and Japanese partners, which the club The ministry is very important. However, Barcelona reserves the right to take the internal measures that we think are appropriate ", official announcements on the team homepage. Appray to apologize, Konami still strongly cut the contract with Griezmann even though only Signed on June 6 right before Euro 2020. "Konami Digital Entertainment believes that, as well as the philosophy of sports, discrimination in any form is unacceptable. Team Yu-Gi-Oh! decided to cancel the ambassador with Griezmann. As for the sports team, we will ask Barcelona as a detailed explanation of this issue and future handling measures ", Quotes the announcement of the publisher Konami.Phuong Nguyen (according to Kotaku )

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