The 606th lesson in thousands of retails of the Path of So Mo. Nhung. A young deficit and a man who also stood still unknown together to sit at a deserted shop along the road ..

. Seeing the lack of two hands with two breasts, his face grimaced off ..
The man asked: - What's wrong? Can I help anything? - Don't hide anything! I was born in my first year! I have to go ... from the morning until now I haven't been for my grandchildren so I don't have a milk, so it hurts you! - If you don't mind ... Can I help you get into pain? - I understand ... What's the same! Don't hesitate, the lack of afforded a coat to reveal the two big breasts like two coconuts to let this man breastfeed to, all this party to the other side
.. a moment later. When the job is reluctant to complete. The missing person was relieved to relieve his shirt to tell the man: - I thank you! Lucky! If you are not helped, I hurt my death! - No! I have to thank you just right! - Why? - By before that, I was being hypoglycemic! ...-! ... On August 20, 2019, the village story was forget

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