Remember About The Battle Of Ngoc Tao Guerrilla

On September 19-202, Ngoc Trao (Thach Thanh) tournament was 80 years of establishment. Young generation We are proud to be born and raised on the land of that Hao Hung battle land to continue to connect traditions, efforts to rise up ... 0:00 / 2: 57 South these days ago Far away from the hometown often returns to compress the aroma on the guerrilla monument monument, to the grave of the heroes of the martyrs and mix the lively atmosphere of cultural and sports activities, this year do this year The impact of Covid-19 disease Most people were unable to return

. I went to Binh Duong to establish a karma more than a decade this year, every year also arranged for his wife and children to visit the countryside on the anniversary of the battlefield , a double job. This year not only my friend but many people sadly sadly because they were unable to go home. Especially, this year, Ngoc Ngoc was 80 years, people waited for 10 years to celebrate the big event of the countryside Incense, so, it is sorry
.. Many activities to celebrate the founding date of the battlefield cannot be organized to ensure the prevention and control of Covid-19 disease. Probably not only me that many people will regret regret about Ngoc Trao volleyball tournament, cultural exchanges, folk games and gongs that are far from the celebration of the previous years Then, especially, Ngoc Tray volleyball tournament has a tradition of nearly 20 years, is the largest sports tournament of the district, this year must also stop. Remember, before that month and especially the day to celebrate the celebration, not only my hometown, but all communes and towns in the district are eager to wait for this sports tournament. We are proud of the attraction of a sports tournament only in one locality but many people know. Thousands of people focus on the district cultural center to see dramatic balls, the wilderness. It is not only an opportunity to compare, compared to the spirit of solidarity, the occasion for people in the areas to be socialized. With sports activities, cultural and cultural activities are exciting, Language gong echoed, Ngan Xa .
. across the mountain hill. 8x children like us will surely never forget the sessions according to the mother's footsteps to the market under the eucalyptus tree, the label tree on the campus Ngoc Trao battlefield. Then climbed up the steps of the old traditional house toward the eyes inside that the place of storing materials and artifacts about war. This day, the traditional house was built spacious, battle of Ngoc Tuong tourist Investing in construction is a national monument, becoming a tourist destination for fascinating sources in Thanh Thanh, and has been recognized for provincial tourist attractions. The tourist area Ngoc Tao is not only a joy Proud of the children born and grew up on the hometown of Ngoc Trần, Thach Thanh but must be the pride of Thanh Hoa people. Red flames from hanging caves - Ngoc Tray spread across all rural areas, durable burning, so that thereby "contributing to blowing up the Flame Total Upriagnings to win the government (August 1945), opened one The new era - the independent era of independence for home ". 80 years has passed, the tourist war of Ngoc Truy is always proud to be the precursor to Thanh Hoa armed forces. Although in the rain of bombarded bombs or on the path of the hometown, the country, this place is still the symbol of indomitable, Kien Trung, echoing the hero of anti-enemy.

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