Remember The Fried Banana Piece Of The Rainy Rain

Nha Trang rain all over the past few days. Looking at the overcast sky, humid air, trees in the garden sullenly ... remember the rainy days when I have internal

. Most remember is a fried banana or made in the rainy days when we are still poetry.0 of the year: 00/2: 38 Nouthern men's rear the house, I have a space of vacant land, the cabinet growing vegetables: mongates, vegetables , broccoli, drives, spinach .
. What season is there so home meals always have clean vegetables, not to buy. Especially two sides of the garden, the cabinet grown two bananas. Thanks to good care, my house always has dessert bananas. Occasionally, interior dishes with all kinds of cakes made from bananas: Banana steamed with gray coconut, banana grilled coconut milk, banana tea ... special, in the rainy days of this, the kitchen is small Not only warm because of red fire but also fragrant fried bananas. Those rainy days, almost every day we also gathered around the kitchen to wait to eat fried bananas. Choose the bananas just ripe and then manipulate us how to do it: After peeling, cut the banana into 3 pieces vertically to have long banana cakes
Also wants round banana cakes to cut horizontally, thin thin. This stage is assigned to the children and we are very eager to do the duty. Meanwhile, the interior made a powder. Before, internal or made of rice flour with sugar and little salt. After that, listen to people, in addition to flour, cornstarch ... gave the oil pan to the kitchen, waiting for the time for boiling oil to roll, the oil done every banana into the mixture of powder and put it into the oil pan. In just a moment, the puffed cakes, yellow nursery emerged on the pan surface. The fried fried banana smells of the complex spread all over the small kitchen, repelling unpleasant smells due to the rain of beams like the moldy smell of the object, the passionate smell of the soil ... when the powder coated outside the banana patch turned yellow, Cabinet flipped back to the left side of the other, and then picked up to the blister to drain oil. At that time, even though the cake was still hot, they were holding hands, Nhao Nhao: Give me this ... Let's go ... "wait for a little cold. Eat it right away. Every child will have all. But the first for Ti Ti! ". Baby Ti-tiny hand, grinning, opening both funny teeth, welcoming the yellow cake wrapped in a banana leaf from his hand: "Yes! I thank you! ". Inner is right. In turn, each of us has a cake, eating comfortably to NO. Hurry in the banana cake, just blew the edema and put it into the mouth to bite the rop. Crispy pieces dissipated in her mouth. The sweetness of the banana blends with the fat taste of oil, deliciously described. Every day we also eat without watching. I still remember the image of the cabinet sitting on the kitchen, leisurely turned the a piece of cake in the oil pan boiling. When looking at the inner cake in the cold, the feeling of warmth and peace kept in my mind until now. Every time I have a rainfall in the rainy season, I remember my fried banana ... Giao Thuy

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