Remember The Jackfruit Season …

My garden has many types of trees, but jackfruit is more. In the summer, fruity on the trunk, swinging her hanging on the branch looks like a funny eye. Then the fragrant ripe smells follow the breeze.0: 00/2: 49 namngay after the house, near the window where my bed is the biggest jack tree. The original jackfruit a bracelet, the foliage covered a wide range of land

. In the mornings, there are pairs of lime often singing the new day on jackfruits. I still lay still in bed, closed my eyes without getting up. I lie to listen to the sounds of the new day
"Just behind the house, near the window where my bed is located as the largest tree tree" ... Artwork from the internet. Mitting house is like a daily, season Also wrong, big fruits and blocking. The jackfruits when the old leaned into sepia. The jackfruit after being taken down from the tree will be plugged into stalks a piece of spring, which is a ripe jackfruit. Just a few days later, hearing the aroma from the straw is knowing that the jackfruit was ripe. Just hear the sound that is very deep that it is to know that the jackfruit is ripe. The first jackfruit, grandfather turned the incense to first invite the beneficiary before and then gave it to the whole family
"Mom brought a sharpened knife and started taking horses" ... Artwork from the internet. Bring a sharpened knife and start taking horses. The sharp blade, didn't take a long time to brake the jackfruit in half. The dark yellow jackets - this color said this is a delicious jackfruit - exposed before the eyes, the aroma attracted the craving eyes. Fighting a mother who split the jackfruit into four parts. Mother gently using a notice to clean the plastic and told the whole house to eat. Make my house, it is true that it is very good, very thick, dark yellow. The jackfruit tree has gathered the sweetness of heaven land accumulating in each honey drop. Putting the jackfruit into his mouth to bite a piece, the sweet rushed into the oral cavity, deliciously described. The jackfruit has a delicious result, the jackfruit must be thick and soft, but it is not hard. The rear jackfruit tree was especially in place when she separated twins, the jackfruit would appear to the water that the countryside was often called honey. Mitting mites sweet bars but not sweet sweetness, this makes the special and makes people love. "My housing tree is true that a good thing, very thick, dark yellow". Artwork from the Internet. He likes to eat honey. I also have this hobby like you. When honey ripes, the two grandchildren usually sat deliciously. Honey jackfruit is very soft and paste, maybe so few people like to eat, or be afraid to eat. In return, honeysons have a very intense and aromatic taste, which is what makes me addicted to this fruit. Ripe honey jackfruit, just holding stalks and jerking and taking their hands very easily. It was therefore, when hissing ripening, otherwise it would fall into the ground to fall into the ground. Fear of honey to fall to the ground, I was very happy to "visit" jackfruit. When "visiting" was ripe, I was climbing the tree, gently taking it down and brought it into the house to show off her whole house. . He said, there were delicious fruits that should be shared for everyone, not alone. Photos of grandfather with a jackfrond bike walked to the familiar people in bold in my mind. Minh Hai

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