Remove All Seats, Buses Turn Into ‘mini Supermarkets’ Specializing In Cheap Sales

4 Vehicles Converting, carrying food full of foods Raising many points in Ho Chi Minh City for sales for people 9: 00/2: 24 Southern regions 14/8, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Industry and Trade in collaboration with these DN simultaneously runs bus trips to implement the model of "Mobile Mini Supermarket" to each selling point of serving people. This is a bus to remove the interior inner interior to make the storage of essential necessities Includes: meat, fish, eggs, rice. Vegetables, fruits, cooking oil, ..

. serving people in suburban areas of Ho Chi Minh City. Booting program with 1 car from August 6, receiving positive support of the people direction. At Today, there are 3 more official buses that are added to the "Mini Mobile Supermarket" model
Diversified goods on the "Bus Supermarkets" units believe that buses are filled with goods It is a timely method in bringing clean food and stabilizing prices to people in areas where difficulties in finding necessities, helping to improve the health and support the spirit of the people to overcome Through the pandemic. The car is inferior to Saigon Passenger Car Joint Stock Company, shared, although the working time of food truck drivers lasted from 6am to 19h-20h dark, but Mr. Hoa was happy can contribute to the supply chain of the city, bring food to each neighborhood. Items with stabilized price of Bui Ta Hoang Vu - Director of Ho Chi Minh City Industry and Trade - said, this is the time to room, Anti-epidemic depending on the script, each situation. Maybe when a supermarket or a market must close, only "mobile mini supermarkets" can help people access food sources with stabilization prices. Representative of the Department of Industry and Trade in Information and Tissue This image will be done in the next one month so that people can spend and shop in safety conditions. Up to now, there are 1,000 additional selling points, 2,800 existing selling points, 40 traditional markets and thousands of mobile cars serving food for people in the city. Mobile bus market simultaneously goes to the semi-calendar submission, on August 14, the "mobile mini supermarkets" will sell food and food at the following points: Nguyen Canh Chan Street, Ward Cau Kho (District 1) at 9am. Head of internal roads, Ward 1 (District 4) at 14h.Tuyen to Chu Van An Street, from Thap Muoi to Phan Van Health, Ward 2 (District 6) at 9am
456 Duong Ba Trac, Ward 1 (District 8), at 14h. East, 110B Truong Phuoc Phan, Binh Tri Dong Ward (Binh Tan District) at 9h.khu Huong Lo 5, No. 24, Road No. 14, An Lac Ward (Binh Tan District) at 14h. Tan Middle School Thanh Tay, Tan Thanh Tay commune (Hoc Mon district) All day.

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