Remove The Street To Get Rich

While many young people leave their hometown to seek new job opportunities, Mr. Vo Xuan Quan (38 years old, Dai Phong commune, H. Dai Loc, Quang Nam) again 'go upstream' when leaving the street to the countryside to start Amcribed from coconut wooden chopsticks, helping your life turn to a new page.0: 00/3: 4 South Southern National Wander Production Chopsticks of Anh Vo Xuan Quan.Neads of July, getting the introduction of Friends, I am looking to visit the chopsticks model of Anh Vo Xuan Quan, the factory's air production is quite bustling

. Although he was quite busy with his work, he was still welcoming, talking with us. I thought about the past, the British said, at 6 years old, he and she went out on the field in the countryside, suddenly one The grenade left behind the war exploded as he and some were injured. The accident caused him to break 7 intestinals, punctured lungs, broken face and skulls
.. After more than many months of treatment in many hospitals, he took a hospital, but health and memory declined to come The first 9th grade must leave school. In 2006, the British army entered Ho Chi Minh City to live and work as a fine-art wooden chopsticks for a business. After 2 years of vocational professional and earning less capital, he returned to marriage and cherished dream of establishing a base of coconut wood chopsticks. Initially he borrowed a cooperative alliance of VND 300 million, then borrowing from the Commune Women's Union and the Farmer's Society of VND 70 million to invest in opening his factory. After years of operation, it found that its production scale is still small, the market consumes is narrow, in March 2020, he decided to invest in construction of factories, raise production scale. Then obtained by H. Dai Loc infrastructure Economic Department to establish a cooperative to produce and trade in Nam Duong fine art chopsticks, with address in My Hao village. Good quality has given the market and is well received, the number of orders increases gradually, Mr
Quan came to the intention of making machines serving for its chopsticks. Based on your understanding, learning on the websites, the British man made a chopsticks, groomed with chopsticks, chopsticks, to serve the efficiency of chopsticks at the facility. Sharing about the process of making coconut chopsticks, the British said, to process coconut wood into chopsticks that must go through a lot of stages. Initially, each log was taken into the cutting machine to remove excess parts, taking every long logs and the reach of a chopsticks and then gave a log to saw the beat, then cut out the right size of a specified size of one chopstick. Once in size, then put it in the machine to pluck to remove the shaggy shells outside. Later, chopsticks were bundled into large bundles, sanitary treatment and packaging and sold to the market. Every day, cooperatives produce 10,000 regular chopsticks (20,000 VND / dozen) and 4,000 high chopsticks level (22,000 VND / ty), revenue averaged 400 million VND / month; Prepare regular jobs for 6 local workers with an average income of 4-5 million VND / month. The product is completely naturally colorless, non-chemical toxic, ensuring the quality and food hygiene and safety should be widely consumed nationwide, the market share is Ho Chi Minh City. "To get success as today, I met many difficulties, failed. But I don't give up, not discouraged. The upcoming time I will invest and expand your factory to improve income, create conditions to resolve jobs for workers in the village, hamlet ", Mr. Quan Duong.

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