Removing ‘light Low Leaves’, The Mother’s Mother Fixes Baking With Only Vnd 5 Million In Capital And Anyone Unexpectedly

For a year, Nguyen Ngoc Nhung had to think to answer the question 'so or not to' leave work. After 3 months, everyone begun to believe and encourage young mothers more than 200:00 to 4: 42 nam nuns from leaving jobs to start a business, redoing everything from the beginning is not an easy decision . There are times when you want and passionately, but the reality is not as simple as we still think. However, if there is no determination to change, it is forever standing outside your own dream and never turns it into reality. HERE, NGUYEN NGOC VUNG (Hanoi) has a stir Netizens with shares on the decision to take care of high payments at a company have good welfare policies to make baking

. Nhung's post has received thousands of likes and sharing. Lightening of high wages about making cakes with, Ngoc Nhung said, after graduating from University of Foreign Languages, Hanoi National University, Hanoi, Specialized in Japanese, Ngoc Nhung as a Japanese translator for software technology companies
This is considered a "high salary", mainly translating project documents, exchanging Japanese customers and software development teams ... the company has a good blessing regime, especially with mothers Milk Bim. "However, all only in 8 hours from 7h45 'morning to 16h45' afternoon, repeated rotation, slightly dry. While myself likes beautiful things, the products Creative handmade products should be just a rice rice, "said Ngoc Nhung expressed. To get a decision to quit, Ngoc Nhung thought for a year to answer the question" should or not ". At the time of seeing many young people making cakes and receiving 30-40 single / day, she thought to do so and even more. "Just thinking that I will rise my wish to take a job in the company to take a passion in the right direction," Ngoc Nhung shared.Ban head, Ngoc Nhung send cake to everyone to try to evaluate and Complete the formula
The body made a decision to be one thing, but how to convince her husband and family is not easy. Family loves daughter hard, afraid of going wrong road. "My mother protested a lot, scolded, confided or praised enough ... Everyone and her husband still didn't believe in their abilities that it was foolish. It took about 3 months to go into it Dinh, family, friends started to believe and encourage more ", Ngoc Nhung expressed. No longer attached to the job" Insert the table "every 8 hours a day, Ngoc Nhung feels to live with yourself me. Every morning wake up is made in the way you want, creative each cake in a chosen way, not compressing pressure with a lot of time for you. "Every step is carefully calculated. Initially, I Send cakes to familiar people to try. When going out to be finished formula, I plan to let people know more, share on groups of baking groups, the story of life gradually interested, Supporting "Ngoc Nhung talks about how to conquer customers from the first days. When starting a business, Ngoc Nhung evaluates economic pressure will be higher. However, everything must be carefully planned and determine the implementation process will be strenuous. "When I was doing what I like, the motivation potentially rises much," Ngoc Nhung admitted. First force with Ngoc Nhung is product quality, seeking raw materials to ensure, create samples to customers buying. In addition, the transportation and incentive new customers, how old customer care ... is not easy. That's just some of the pressure that the Startup must be pythus. Currently, Ngoc Nhung focuses on the line of birthday cakes. Due to the influence of the translation so every day only gets 5-7 cakes, she receives about 10-15 cakes before. In addition to the two support employees, the young mistress took the decor decoration, every cake loses 30 minutes, but there are sophisticates taking 1-2 hours. Not only with 5 million dong after what they went through, She did not run away from entrepreneurs. Ngoc Nhung recommends that when starting a business must be ready to spend 1000 times the energy, it is easy to engage. "You must turn yourself what many others like you, have specific planning, complete And determination to come together with a sober head. Interesting business starting, but full of risks, you want to enjoy the victory emotions, it is forced to go through space. If you are afraid and have no plans, please Just enjoy the safety, it's better, "Ngoc Nhung expressed the love and enjoyment of cakes, but Ngoc Nhung admitted with tiredness, wanting to give up. However, she still tried to keep enthusiasm. When passing the fatigue that is finding the feeling of winning itself. In the epidemic, she received 5-10 orders / daily, previous 15-20 menu. Nhung velvet revealed that she spent the amount of 5 million Dong to start a business with simple things. First, young mothers will buy some buy tools and machines. After selling the first cakes will shop more. "When starting a business, the plan is what must be, as specific as possible. You have to really choose yourself, not invest

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