Ren Up Psychology Worried When Painting Walls

The moment there are many houses for improving and repairing works. With the landlord when choosing paint products to apply for the house will face certain concerns, from paint quality, paint colors and features ... because if the unique product selection will do Quick-level house

.0: 00/3: 44 South of the south A little quality painting is the first factor to secure the long-lasting long-lasting house for a long time. It is an important protective layer for the whole house , is the first "shield" to combat the impact of weather or harmful agents. Therefore, a quality coating is the first factor to ensure long-lasting durable homes, but if inappropriate use can lead to the situation of "good goods also become a wall layer Quickly degradation, causing the loss of beauty and economic loss
The results of the economy, many customers because they believe in the brand with the marketing words that the house has just been painted and "has not been dried" is very easy Scratched, painted with each array, using his hand to easily peel off. After trying to peel on the paint (the front is the coating, the back is primer) to know the plaster powder has chalk, not clinging to the wall. The reason is that using a variety of paints, many different types of wall plaster powders are on the same construction. Psychological worry, Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh (Dao Tan Street, Ba Dinh) is planning to renovate "appearance" Houses his house, but to the painting part is facing difficulties. "It was first that worrying painted in colorless. Many types of paint when watching the palette on the computer are very satisfied but about painting on their homes, they are not standard. Then the coverage is, right As the manufacturer's announcement ..
"- Mr. Tuan Anh said. In fact, paint is the product where customers are unlikely to check the quality before opening so the psychology is easy to understand . Normally, the most common worry about the paint of customers is the ability to ride color standards, color durability, coverage, health safety or other key features such as anti-moss, alkaline anti-alkali Chemistry, anti-fading, anti-bacteria, easy to clean ... All of this when painted onto the home wall can be felt and almost unable to change. Gia, Son Houses are easy operations that are difficult, especially with harsh weather conditions "sunny sun, rainy" and high humidity. In order to ensure the best painting, the owner should choose the quality of quality paint, prestigious brands and have good after-sales regime, understanding the worries of customers, many painted enterprises are also connected continue to provide policies, even the warranty regime when the customer paint without the name, akzonobel paint producer - "father" of the famous painting brand Dulux, is considered just "play Large "When launching the program" Dulux Promise - Commitment 3 standards "with maximum support policies for customers. Specifically, within 3 months since buying products of Dulux Weathershield brands, Dulux Ambiance , Dulux Better Better Living Air Clean, Dulux interior paint Anti-fouling and interior paint Dulux EasyClean anti-fouling antiviral, if the paint does not bring the perfect color and uniform paint and degrees Covered as a commitment, Akzonobel will quickly replace new products of the same type for customers. Pamela Phua - General Director in charge of painted units Akzonobel Vietnam said: "Through this support policy, we can guarantee benefits for Vietnamese consumers with uniform paint, coating as perfect commitment and color in all construction. As a result, customers can be peace of mind with their choice. "Regarding Mykolor paint products produced by 4 Oranges Company, the company will provide the appropriate amount of paint so that the unit is self-construction warranty Back the parts of the products are damaged only after the warranty unit confirms the official and notice in writing causes and corrective remedies. And the number provided to construct this damaged part is maximized by the amount and true type of products that have been provided for the project and are listed on the warranty card. According to the experts Reviews and policies Change for consumer goods such as painting showing the confidence of the enterprise for product quality. This is a happy signal for customers when they have the opportunity to experience good products and can receive extremely "open-open" after-sales policies from enterprises.

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