Renault The Second Time ‘turned Off’ From The Vietnam Automobile Market

Only in a short decade joined the Vietnamese automotive market, but Renault was more than once 'changing owner' and the second time stopping operations.00: 00/1: 21 Nanrenault domain could not find a standby place Vietnam Automotive Market - Artwork.Ct Wearnes Vietnam has just announced officially about stopping the import and distribution of French car brand in Vietnam market, ending short-term liquor lines lasting less than two years With Renault, after taking over from the Auto Motors distributor. Do so, Renault the second time said the Vietnamese consumers only after a decade came to the S-shaped land strip and could not find a place Standing in the potential automotive market of Vietnam. Before returning to CT Wearnes Vietnam in 2019, Renault is under the executive of Auto Motors

. In 2017, this distributor has stopped operating Renault distribution in Vietnam, after the business results continued to decline in the context of a strong growth of cars. Hey from Vietnam this time, Renault also Stop always to operate vehicle maintenance and repair services. The only support for vehicle owners is now the distributor will acquire old cars if customers do not need to use or donate a cost if continuing to use the vehicle, but so far Unknown how much money is worth Renault's official
Website in Vietnam, has also stopped working and agents stop selling cars. Kaptur and Arkana imported CBU from Russia became two cars branded Renault finally distributed in genuine form, before the time the French car brand "turned off" from the Vietnamese market.

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